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Watched this as a way to catch up to see the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp. Was hoping Hank Pym would be Ant-Man in this since he was the first person to become him but we get Scott Lang, the second Ant-Man instead. Also was surprised Michal Douglas played Hank Pym since I heard he had a battle with that cancer awhile back. Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang and he used to be a safecracker until he was caught, he was released later but it left a mark on him.

It was nice to see this guy trying to get a second chance since a criminal record gives you a bad mark still. The scenes where Ant-Man shrinks down almost felt like I was watching The Incredible Shrinking Man at times. Yellowjacket is also in this but is played by someone else instead of Hank Pym. To those who don’t know Yellowjacket was one of Hank Pym’s personas and he was a little crazy. There is also talk of the quantum universe or sub-quantum realm or sub-quantum universe, and it makes me think we might see more of it and someone else in the sequel.

There are also all these scenes with Michael Douglas was trying to be the straight man but can I had his wall street vibes when he got angry. Paul Rudd was also pretty good in this as well and I kept thinking about his previous works like Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. The movie itself feels OK and there are some scenes where they try to be funny at times but doesn’t quite feel right.