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I remember watching this show on the Sci-Fi channel when they did these day-long marathons of old shows. Basically in this world where criminals go above the law this guy and his talking car try to stop them. When this cop, Michael Long, is shot in the head and given plastic surgery, is then called Michael Knight, played by David Hasselhoff.

This show I think he was at least trying back then and I was also surprised when he was in the movie Starcrash. Also before that internet video made him look dumb as well. Michael’s car is also given a remodel as well as an AI partner in his car called KITT, which stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand. KITT is also voiced by Mr. Feeney from Boy Meets World, in case you didn’t know that as well.

Watching it on and off from beginning to end and it is a little slow but it was the 1980s TV and it was more in your face at times. They notch up the formula as well, where they’re these scenarios where KITT gets beaten up badly, where KITT is hacked and when KITT also loses his car body in certain episodes.

I heard they made for TV movie of the show and try to make it but the remake was pretty bad. Probably because it was made during the writers strike and also Val Kilmer voiced the Knight Industries Three Thousand and was kind of a jerk in it. Also, they were the scenes were the car transformed using nanobots which really was just CGI and he wasn’t a transformer. Looking back it felt like it was a lot of CGI and green screen and just felt off at times.