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This movie is based on the kids’ books of the same name, though I only read the first 4 of the books. Though I hope to check the rest out a bit later if I can. Then I started watching this when I found out Weird Al Yankovich did one of the songs. Watched this on Netflix and it seemed to be what it made out to be. A harmless kids movie that is self-aware and has a lot of juvenile potty humor in it. It’s nothing like having actual poop and actual pee since that would end up being dirty. There are also some different animation styles in this, like one scene where these sock puppets. As well as the flip-o-rama the books had where you just flip the pages back and forth for the action.

The movie also takes some of the books plots in it as well. This movie made me want to read the rest of the Captain Underpants books to see how far the books have been going. They also made a Captain Underpants tv show on Netflix and it gets the tone from the movie and books pretty well. Give this a watch since it’s like your inner child coming out at times with this movie.