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Hearing about this I thought it would be kind of boring and would be just Call of Duty in space. Also found out the trailer for this game on YouTube and the most downvotes ever on YouTube. Though I played this free trial on either Xbox One or PS4 to see what the single player campaign was like. Also, I play the campaign as a way to also get a feel of the controls for when I go on the multiplayer.

The game Starts in the far future where mars declare independence to the earth forces. The first few missions help you get a feel of what the story will be like and there’s also the spaceship sections that feel like Battlestar Galactica. The main cast is pretty good, there’s Reyes, kinda looking like Tom Cruise, a lady soldier Saulter or Salt as she is called, and a combat drone Ethan, that has a lot of personality in this game.

After you get your main ship you go across the solar system to stop the Mars forces. There’s this one mission where you have to be stealthy which is unheard of at times in Call of Duty. There’s also these fighter ship levels but they are a bit far and in between. As the campaign goes on all the way to the end it’s surprising what happens during the struggle and it feels like at the end you barely won.

The multiplayer though just feels like the same from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, where you jet pack everywhere, there’s loot boxes, as well as micro transactions. People also said the multiplayer is really glitchy as well and I tried to play multiplayer but everyone was level 100 or something like that. So that also feels like a pay to win at times.

Anyway, the single player campaign is pretty good if you want to play that though I didn’t quite play this from start to finish. I just watched it as one of those game movies, where this one person has online stitches the cutscenes together as one big movie. That seemed pretty good if you just wanted to see the games for their stores or something like that. Here’s the link to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare game movie I watched if you want to see it yourself.