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I remember seeing the DVD cover for this at a Circuit City a long time ago. Also remembered the Cinema Snob reviewing it as well as the sequels and this movie made the director, Lucio Fulci into a horror icon. There was also barf bags when this movie was in theaters in case it was too graphic, but now people throw up when there’s too much shaky cam in theaters nowadays.

Anyway, on to the movie, the movie starts off with someone shooting a dead body in the head and putting this body on a boat. After the opening credits, the boat makes it to New York City where some cops see it. Just so some people know there’s a lot of bad dubbing in this movie since it was an Italian exploitation movie. After the cops board the boat a zombie is onboard and one cop gets bit, the blood also looks kinda like red paint when it happens. After the zombie falls overboard they bring the boat to shore where this girl confirmed it’s her father’s boat. Then this reporter gets info from a guy played by Lucio Fulci himself as a cameo to check out the investigation.

Both the girl and the reporter go to the dock at night and we get to see a “Fakeout Makeout” from them and then they find some info from the girl. Something about the boat came from an island somewhere so they try to go to that island. Along the way we meet Dr. Mennard, trying to find a cure for what’s happening to the island people. His wife wants to leave but he wants to stay and do everything he can to make sure what’s happening to the island people doesn’t spread to the mainland.

The girl and the reporter get a boat ride halfway there to the island from these people. One of the boat people go do some diving and see one of the zombies trying to attack a shark and the shark is a real one as well. I hear sometimes there’s legit animal killing in some of these Italian exploitation movies but it seemed like only this shark gets hurt in the movie.

After that, the movie goes to Dr. Menard’s wife and the zombies end up attacking her at her house. There’s this scene where she gets a massive splinter in her eye and it’s pretty gruesome so I just skipped it. When the boat with the girl and the reporter make it to the island they try and find Dr. Menard and he tells them to find his wife. When they do it is pretty gruesome as well and then we see the zombies rising from their graves. One of the island people mentions there are zombies as a part of some voodoo curse and it’s almost like the hell filling up speech from Dawn of the Dead.

As the crew gets back to Dr. Menard’s research tent the Dead people there end uprising and it’s also a bit weird since the people alive don’t try to run away. During the struggle, Dr. Menard ends up getting bitten as well as the boat crew while the girl and reporter try to burn down the tent. When they escape though they find out that New York City has been overrun with the zombies and then it ends.

This movie seemed a bit okay and I looked up his IMDB to check out some of his other movies but might not watch them, at least on a full stomach. Though if you like these movies try and give them a watch since they seem to be more about atmosphere, tone, and a foreboding mood.