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When hearing about this I didn’t know until later it was based on a manga and then later a two-episode anime. I didn’t read the manga or watched the anime so I saw this with a clear mind on what it is about. It’s basically another cyberpunk movie but it seemed better than the Ghost in the Shell Live Action movie. The main character Alita is some kind of android found after some war a long time ago.

She also has these eyes that are CGI from some reason and her journey through the movie seemed pretty amazing. Along the way she slowly remembers who she used to be and what she was fighting for. There’s also this romance subplot where Alita meets a boy but I feel it’s just there for the sake of it sometimes.

In the end, though it feels like they are going to try and set up a sequel soon and they might make one. After the movie was over I wanted to read the manga just to see what the full story was like and see how it ends. The movie seemed okay in America though they say China loved it so we might just get a sequel soon. Anyway, this movie was pretty entertaining and hope to see a sequel soon and see how that does as well.