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“By Your Command”, But not really though I just wanted to say that. But like watching the original Battlestar Galactica since without the original, the reboot wouldn’t be around. I remember watching this on the Syfy channel as mini marathons to show people the original before the reboot aired. Originally aired in 1978 and was kind of attacked for being too much like Star Wars. Also had a big budget and had to be sent to be a bit censored as well. The big budget went to the computer since computers were big expensive things back then before today.

To the show, this show is about an alien race of people who after their world are destroyed by robots called “Cylons”, go on a journey to try to find the last planet known as earth. Leaving this convoy of ships that survived is it the battleship or Battlestar called Galactica. Along the way they meet aliens, the Cylons trying to stop them, as well as the mysterious people trying to tell them something or lead them. There’s also other people on other planets but I think at times they’re just there so the main cast can talk to some other people.

After Battlestar Galactica was cancelled NBC tried to resurrect the show with Galactica 1980 but I heard it was pretty bad and didn’t last long. It was then rebooted I think in 2003 with a miniseries and then a show in 2004 where Richard Hatch makes a cameo as well.

Anyway if you want to give this a watch go ahead, it’s a bit more lighthearted compared to the gritty reboot. Also might help you get a just and feel for the plot too.