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Did play the first Dead Space before this and watched this animated movie that kinda acts as a prequel before I played the game. The original Dead Space felt okay probably since the main guy you played, Issac, didn’t talk at all. Also the ending felt like the main enemies could of done that sooner to save all the trouble. The main enemies are called the Necromorphs which are kinda like these zombie like creatures. To kill them you need to cut off their limbs, for some reason, doesn’t seem to explain it much I think.

Before you start a new game there’s also this “Previously On” video that explains what happened in the last Dead Space and the backstory. Something about it’s the 25th century and the earth is abandoned after all the resources are used up. So they rely on cracking planets and moons that are uninhabited for all the resources. I’ll just leave it as there in case you want to play Dead Space to get the rest of the story from there even though the video kinda mentions that.

You then end up on some space station near Titan in a mental hospital where there’s another Necromorph outbreak somehow. Along the way you get your work suit that looks a bit different then the one from the last game. These people tell you to meet them somewhere to be safe while the security chief and his men from the station try to kill you.

When you get to the place to meet them it’s some church called the
Unitology church which is some kinda new faith in the far future, or maybe a cult. They end up thinking the Necromorphs are some kinda next phase for humanity when you finally get to meet them. After the Unitologists get killed you later meet this lady who tries to help you along with another escaped mental patient you meet earlier in the game. Pretty much up to that point I stopped playing and then recently watched one of those Game Movies I mention in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to catch up with the story. Link below the review if your interested as well.

The end part of the game is pretty intense and chilling as well as this eye puzzle where I think if I messed it up a few times I would just stop playing. Also when you think it’s over when the credits roll there’s this little callback to the first games ending that ends a bit better. Some people think this is kinda like the Aliens of the Dead Space trilogy and I think it kinda is. I might play Dead Space 3 someday if I can or want to. There’s also a multiplayer portion but I never played it but some people still do this day.

Anyway this game is more on the action side than horror but it’s not a bad thing to others. This game is even on the PC with Steam and EA Origin for the series if you ever want to play them yourself. Though you might not want to play them on an empty stomach if your a bit squeamish to gore.