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Recently I saw the DC movie Shazam! and it was pretty good and lighthearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously, almost like Aquaman. The movie is about this kid, Billy Baston, who is given magic powers from the wizard Shazam, played by Djimon Hounsou because he is of a pure heart. The name Shazam is also an acronym for the Greek pantheon, S for the wisdom of Solomon, H the strength of Hercules, A the stamina of Atlas, Z the power of Zeus, A the courage of Achilles, and M for the speed of Mercury. The last one is a bit off since Mercury was the Roman name for Hermes.

When Billy gets this power he ends up having fun with it with his friend Freddy helping him along the way. There is also a villain, Dr. Sivana, who wanted this power that was at the Rock of Eternity when the wizard Shazam tried to recruit him and Sivana failed. Sivana wanted this eye that the 7 sins whispered to him about for ultimate power. The wizard Shazam also mentions that he tried to recruit someone a very long time ago but nearly destroyed civilization.

Along the was Billy tries to find his mom who was lost at some fair when he was little. Also when he is Shazam he abuses his powers at times but he learns responsibility later on. At the end where Billy confronts his long lost mother it’s a bit heartbreaking but kinda lets Billy move on. During the final battle between Sivana and Shazam, Billy learns he can transfer his power to his foster siblings and they end up being something of a Shazam family.

At the post-credits and maybe the end credits they try to build up some of Shazam and his enemies, like Mr. Mind and maybe even Black Adam. Mr. Mind I think is some kind of super intelligent worm or Caterpillar from outer space, which is weird since he seems a bit out of place for a Shazam villain. Black Adam is considered an evil Shazam though he gets his powers from the Egyptian pantheon instead of the Greek pantheon.

Originally Shazam was called Captain Marvel but I guess since Marvel had a Captain Marvel, DC changed his name to Shazam. Also earlier in the 1970’s they also made a show about Shazam as well and had the Egyptian Goddess ISIS in it as well. She would later make it in the comics aand team up with Black Adam since she also gets her powers from the Egyptian pantheon. Anyway, I hope we get a sequel to Shazam soon and hopefully see Mr. Mind in it as well. Give this a watch if your tired of all these dark serious comic book movies now and would like something more lighthearted.