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I had this on pre-order a long time ago from GameStop back in November 11th, 2011 for the PS3. When I finally bought it and played it back home it was an experience for me and other players at the time. You first start as some prisoner in some town and when your are about to be beheaded a dragon shows up. As it is destroying the town the tutorial goes on as well as some decisions to start with.

After that you slowly try to find a way to stop the dragons from destroying people as well as other adventures to go on. At the end of the main quest it feels like playing the game doesn’t end and there is so much other stuff to do. There’s even DLC and the PC gaming people created all these mods for the game to expand upon. People still play this game today but i feel like when you play a game for so long by yourself it gets boring. Though it also makes me feel like gamers are fickle and always want more new games and other stuff. Though if you haven’t played this game give it a chance since it is an amazing experience. They made versions of the game for the Xbox 360, PC, and the PS3, also made special editions for the PS4, the Xbox One, and the PC but I think it’s just okay.