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Keep hearing about the movie growing up and never really watched it until now. Also, the Homefront games made me want to take a look at this since the movie had the same premise. Freedom fighters against communist forces who invade America, though in that game it’s the North Koreans and this movie it’s the Russians.

When the movie starts it mentions that all the other nations have fallen to the Communists. Then America later gets attacked by Soviet paratroopers in this town somewhere. Some people are able to escape into a national park to see if the fighting dies down. Then after looking around the town, they find out they took some of the kid’s parents to these “Reeducation” camps. One of the kid’s parents goes “Avenge Me!” before they get and to be killed.

Along the way, some Soviet soldiers go into the park the kids are camping in and the kids end up killing the Soviet soldiers. That ends up making the kids want t fight and become a resistance group to defend America and keep saying “Wolverines!” since that was their school’s mascot as well.

As the movie goes on the freedom fighters struggle a bit and in the end create a spark of hope for America and get a monument for the park they stayed in. This movie seems okay and Patrick Swayze was pretty good for the time. In the remake though the invading enemies were originally Chinese but, made a last minute change to North Koreans as a way not to get rid of chinese movie goers. I might not review the remake since sometimes it doesn’t quite feel right or not have the soul the original movie had.