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When I first heard about this movie when it came out I thought it was just trying to catch onto the vampire craze after Twilight came out. To those of you who don’t know, Daybreakers is about this near future where something happens and the world is mostly vampires. There’s also this story were vampire kind is running out of blood soon and trying to make a substitute for the blood crisis. Something about if they don’t find any more blood they’ll go feral and mad. Always wondered about this problem with Zombies and Vampires, where what if they kept eating and eating until there was nothing is left to eat

This move stars this vampire hematologist played by Ethan Hawke, who though the human resistance, finds out a cure for vampirism. Along the way, he helps out the human resistance and meets their leader played by William Defoe. The resistance leader mentions something about when he was a vampire, he was in the sun, burning, and then landed in the water and that somehow cured him.

Along the way, the vampire guys brother tails him and gets the vampire government to follow him to protect vampire kind. Vampire guy helps the human resistance and helps them buy is covered in a wet blanket and being exposed to sunlight. After a few times, it works and vampire guy is now human. Then after that, the vampire government then gets the feral vampires and puts them out in the sunlight to burn I think as a way to not sympathize with the human resistance.

Then vampire guy tries to reason with his brother but ends up biting and turning the resistance leader. Vampire guy goes to his business place where he worked to try to reason with his boss, played by Sam Neill. His boss tries to turn the hematologist guy back into a vampire but it backfires and ends up turning him human as well as the human resistance leader. Since when your back to being a human it’s permanent even when you try to turn them back into vampires. At the end what’s left of the human resistance gets in a car riding into the sunset promising a cure and having hope.