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I wasn’t sure about watching this sinse I have seen World’s Finest, the Batman Superman cartoon crossover back when I was watching Toonami as a kid. Only really wanted to watch this as a compare and contrast between the cartoon crossover and this live action movie.

I was a bit disinterested since these live action DC films now get attacked for being too dark and unpleasant. Just feels like these movies don’t know want they want to be is all. This movie starts out with young Bruce Wayne watching his parents killed like in the original origin of Batman. He’s played by Ben Affleck, though I have nothing against him but Hollywood says he’s kind of a jerk but correct me if I’m wrong, since I’m not sure. The movie then shows Bruce Wayne in Metropolis during the big fight between Superman and Zod from the last Superman movie, Man of Steel. Bruce loses some people from his company in the crossfire between Superman and Zod and this somehow makes Bruce hate Superman.

Then the movie goes on with Superman story where Lois Lane goes to some African nation and Superman ends up saving her from getting killed. Also where someone finds kryptonite, a mineral that can kill Superman, somewhere in the ocean. After that there becomes this elaborate plot to try to frame Superman for murder or something like that and it starts with the African nation. This part of the movie felt a bit too intricate is all. Also Lex Luthor is played by someone else that looks like he could be his son and he just feels like the Joker but if he was a redhead. Also kind of felt like Lex in this movie has no reason to hate Superman since after Man of Steel, Lex rebuild most of Metropolis.

Along the way Wonder Woman makes a cameo which is a bit out of place since this is supposed to be Batman vs Superman and not Batman versus Superman vs Wonder Woman. Though along the way Batman gets a vision of what might be the future or if the Injustice video game became a movie. Basically where Superman man conquers the world after losing Lois Lane and the Flash’s future self tells Batman to create the Justice League to stop that future.

After Lex Luthor, takes Superman’s mother hostage, he tries to get Batman for help but they end up fighting a bit until Superman mentions his mother’s name and Batman has a change of heart since it was her mother’s name too. Then Lex Luthor somehow makes Doomsday out of Zod’s DNA and from his, and this Doomsday doesn’t feel quite right since in the comics he was supposed to be this super powerful alien. Also he didn’t look like him and just his big grey monster and didn’t have all these spikes on him. Though there is this scene or after he’s nuked he sheds his skin but that’s about it. Then Doomsday somehow can fly and get laser vision even though I didn’t think that was how he was he was just supposed to be this big Powerhouse of strength.

After the big fight somehow Doomsday and Superman get killed but it feels like we barely knew Superman when this happens, also he ends up coming back in Justice League as well anyway. At the end Batman emails, the Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg, to put together the Justice League.

This movie felt okay but I already knew that feeling how these movies have been going now. In the end it just kind of feels like now Hollywood is choosing and doing more of this style over substance with movies. Also feels like they are overpaying for the effects and actors instead of having a good story or good writing. There’s this Ultimate Edition of the movie with more scenes to explain things but it might be a way just for people to buy the DVD or Blu-Ray instead. I feel like if you want to see a better Batman vs Superman crossover, just see Worlds Finest. I might even do a review about THAT then this movie.