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Playing this it just felt like Grand Theft Auto, but your a hacker, though I understand what this series is about, corporations using your identity online to judge you before they even actually meet you. After that explanation and how a bunch of these hackers called DedSec unite to stop the corporations. The game actually starts in San Francisco, and there’s all these side missions with the guy you play to help you gain experience points.

Some of these side missions feel like just dumb pranks but there was a few side missions where these hackers showed humanity. Like this one side mission where you save a business guy from committing suicide since people said they found pictures of him cheating on his wife online. The guy you play finds out that was just Photoshop and they save the business guy before he actually ends it all. Seeing that I just felt like “More of that please!” since hackers get attacked for being trolls and deviants. Thinking since they can understand computers very well they think they have ultimate power. Even though someone else could just take the ultimate power if someone gets cocky or clumsy from the ultimate power. Power corrupts is all I’m saying.

That also reminded me when some hackers saw animal abuse on one of those 4Chan websites and they were able to zero in on where they lived and they called the cops on them. That just taught me that some hackers have humanity in them and aren’t just a bunch of trolls and deviants. You can correct me if I didn’t get that quite right.

Along the way you infiltrate “not Google”, “not Scientology”, and encounter another hacker that kind of looks like Kimdotcom. There’s also some missions were you meet another hacker as well as losing someone in these “Info Wars”, as I like to call this at times.

In the end level it made me think the hackers won, but the corporations might of just pressed the reset button on all of it. Just because Watch Dogs: Legion will come out soon and I just think it will be Watch Dogs in Britain. The multiplayer for Watch Dogs 2 was okay when I was playing it. Some people pop up every now and then but it feels like it didn’t last very long. This is also another reason at times I just watch those game movies instead. Just so you want to just see how the story goes since the game play might be pretty bad. Here’s the game movie to the game in case you just want to see how the story goes.