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First seeking this on Adult Swim I thought it would be an action sci-fi animated show. It’s actually a kind of an urban stoner animated comedy about a wolf with a laser on his back and was made by this guy Henry Bonsu. When I was watching this I thought the visuals were pretty colorful. The characters like Lazer Wolf, Canon Wulf, Blazor Wulf, King Yeti, and Stupid Horse, are kind of weird but that’s stoner comedy at times.

Sometimes I felt like this was just going to mindless, mean, and nasty just for the sake of it all but it wasn’t. What I like about the show is the visuals and how some of the characters aren’t the frustrating stupid we see always on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney, were they just keep doing dumb stuff over and over all the time.

The visuals seem bright and colorful and its kind of funny how all the people in this show speak in a way that is like jive. Hopefully this show might get another season since I’m game for what Lazor Wulf has in store next time.