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Wasn’t too sure about this movie and thought it would be a steampunk Akira. Since the maker of this movie also did the Akira movie and The movie was advertised as that, but it wasn’t. Chose to watch the dubbed version when I first watched this since Patrick Stewart was one of the voice actors in this show. Him and everyone else for the dub felt a bit rushed at times though.

The plot of the movie is that steam boy’s father is trying to get one of the three steam balls to operate this flying castle machinery. Thinking if he produces more war machines he’ll be able to progress humanity further than before. Though his grandfather thinks it will just lead to more death, pain, and destruction, and took one of the steam balls to prevent that. At the end it’s kind of the “War is bad” message and in the credits it shows steam boy and his lady friend growing up a bit.

The stream ball is really a thing and it’s called something else. I’ll leave a Wikipedia link at the end of this review if you want to see the steam ball yourself. I heard this movie didn’t do too well in theaters and it took the director 10 years to make because of the animation. Bennett the Sage also mentioned this recently as well and it made me want to finish up this review as well. Give this movie a watch but it isn’t steampunk Akira if your thinking it’s that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeolipile