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Watched this at the movie theater a while ago and was surprised at all the monsters they had in this movie that were in the TOHO movies. Also was surprised that King Kong was also mentioned in this since I thought that Kong: Skull Island wasn’t related to the Godzilla movie in 2014. In this, though it takes place 5 years after the 2014 Godzilla movie and the monster research group Monarch trying to search and study the monsters after Godzilla attack and King Kong was discovered.

It is then discovered that this lady created a machine that can talk and control the monsters or Titans as the people in this movie all them. Then the lady and her daughter, after awaking Mothra, are captured my Eco terrorists to awaken the rest of the Titans on earth frozen in ice. Along the way the lady’s father is called in my monarch to help stop the lady with the Titan device known as Orca.

After awaking a Titan known as Monster Zero, or King Gidorah, She mentions to the guy that the Titans might actually help the world since humans destroyed the planet and the Titans might restore the planet to the original state it was in. It doesn’t make sense but this movie is more about the monster than careter development. There’s thenthis fight between Godzilla and Kind Gidorah and it establishes that King Gidorah gets his power from electricity for his blasts.

After that Monarch goes to Mexico because Rodan has awakened and King Ghidorah goes there as well. Godzilla also tries to fight King Ghidorah and King Ghidorah loses ahead but then it grows back after a bit. When Godzilla and King Ghidorah fight there was also all these bright flashes and quick cuts. I had to close my eyes a bit as well and was glad I didn’t get a seizure from all of that.

The military tries using the oxygen destroyer to kill Rodan, Godzilla, and King Ghidorah, but it fails to kill King Ghidorah, probably because he’s from space or something like that. I don’t know, I went to the bathroom when they were going to explain why it didn’t work on him. As King Ghidorah makes his way to Boston since the lady scientists daughter took the Orca to try to lure him there.

The Monarch team then tries to find Godzilla to help combat King Ghidorah and find this ancient civilization where Godzilla is hiding in underwater. Along the way Mothra finally hatches from cocooning and we hear the Mothra song which sounds pretty good. Back at the underwater civilization they try to find a way to invigorate Godzilla by using some nukes from the submarine they’re in. It works and Godzilla ends up defeating Ghidoriah and Rodan with help from Mothra.

At the end the other monsters show up and bow to him to pay respect. The credits roll and it starts with the Godzilla song from Blue Oyster Cult but with a new song. This movie was okay but the monster fights were amazing and the movie put more time on the monsters then human element. If you want to see this for the monsters, go right ahead, but don’t except a good story.