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Just so people know I saw John Carpenter’s remake of this on the sci-fi channel before I saw this original movie. I didn’t even know it was a remake until a bit later from cinemassacre. Checked out the original movie out at the library to compare and contrast. This movie was based on a sci-fi book called “Who Goes There?” and in the book the alien is a shapeshifter. Where in this movie it is a vegetable that feeds off of blood.

Watching this movie had a lot of talking parts in it until the monster showed up. What is amazing about this movie is that it takes place in the Antarctic wastes, where if you try to call for help or run, it will be a while before someone comes to rescue you, making you feel stranded.

Around the end one of the scientists tries to reason with the thing but the other people end up burning the thing to death. In the end, they say to “Watch the skies.” before the credits roll and at the end, this film seemed okay compared to John Carpenter remake of the movie. Since there was a lot of other movies with the sci-fi feel they had a better message in the 1950s, like “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. This movie still made me like John Carpenter’s the thing even more because of the intense suspense the movie gives you, even at the end. Give it a watch if you like those 1950’s sci-fi movies in the end.