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When I finally watched this on Netflix I was a bit worried since the last movie, “The Force Awakens”, felt like more of a retread of “A New Hope”. Though in this movie it felt kind of slow at times and even China thought of that as well. Basically Rey goes to this planet to train with Luke Skywalker but he now wants nothing to do with the force. Even though he brought back balance to the force in the original trilogy.

Also the resistance base is discovered by The First Order, somehow, and the Resistance tries to evacuate everyone they can on their planet. There’s also this scene where Leia gets killed in space and it seems like an amazing send of something since Carrie Fisher died after this movie was done with. Then somehow Leia uses the force to get to a ship and is hospitalized for most of the movie. Then this purple haired lady takes over and it seems like she doesn’t cooperate with others resistance members along this slow chase to some planet. Not even The First Order tires to cut them off from the planet by sending some extra ships along the chase at the planet to ambush them.

While Ray is on this planet with Luke Skywalker she tries to learn some ways of the force, but Luke ends up being kind of tired and grumpy at times. Luke also mentions how he tried to teach Kylo Ren but Luke ended up trying to kill him, since Kylo felt to angry with the force. Feels kind of out of place given Luke’s struggle with the Empire in the original trilogy and how he was going no to bring balance to the force.

Also some of these resistance members try to get help from the thief on a casino planet. Then the thief when freed and then trying to sabotage a main First Order ship ends up betraying the resistance members, kind of making that side story pointless.

Then Rey leaves the planet Luke was on and gets kidnapped by the first Order and gets interrogated by Kylo Ren and this guy Snoke. Kylo and Rey end up killing Snoke and his personal guards. Rey then leaves and helps out the Resistance on this other planet that’s made of salt and has crystal foxes.

Still felt like Ray didn’t know or learn anything with her time training with Luke, feeling pointless as well. As Rey helps the resistance, Kylo ends up being on the salt planet and sees Luke at this entrance to some bunker. As Kylo and Luke fight it’s discovered Luke is force projecting all the way from the planet he is on and dies, feeling like Luke was just there in this movie.

Leia comes out of her stasis chamber and she and Luke I think say goodbye to one another before Luke disappears completely. Then as Rey helps the remaining resistance members leave the salt planet, purple haired lady does this thing with her ship where she rams it into the First Order’s main ship just as she enters hyperspace. Creating this weird and yet beautiful explosion but most of the people on Rey’s ship don’t see it.

In the end this movie felt okay, just felt like some of these scenes dragged or were poorly pasted. Also it felt like Rey didn’t go through any kind of struggle in this movie and f it felt like this was a complete waste of Luke Skywalker. Hope the next movie thought ends up better is all I’m wondering.