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Finally watching this because of the sequel coming soon to theaters as well. I tired to watch this movie on TV but I didn’t pay attention because some stuff is censored. I watched this also with my parents since dad like the jets and dogfights in this movie too. So lets get to the movie.

The movie starts with some text about ace pilots starting out and calling the program Top Gun. Then there’s these jet pilots doing some tests, like if you are locked on by an enemy jet and told not to fire unless the enemy does. This also introduces Maverick and Goose, played by Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards. Maverick is basically the risk taking hot shoot and Goose is his co pilot. After one of the guys, Cougar, quits since he couldn’t handle the lock on test.

Maverick and Goose then go to some bar and Goose tries to get Maverick to hit on some girl in the bar. He gets shot down and later find out she works for Top Gun as well. There’s also this gag where this other guy drinks coffee and Maverick does a fly by near him and he spills it. There’s also this other guy, Iceman, played by Val Kimmer and he’s okay in this. Then there’s this other test where the jets try and stick together but Maverick tries to shot down a fighter. Even though the enemy might just pick you down one by one if you do that.

There’s also this love story between Maverick and that girl in the bar, but we skipped that not only because the girl is a lesbian in real life, the love story kind of feels forced as well. Along the way Maverick and Goose end up burning too much fuel during a test and Goose actives the eject button. Goose ends up hitting his head on the canopy and dies, Maverick is told it wasn’t his or Gooses fault but Maverick feels responsible.

Maverick ends up quitting and then after a bit joins up with Top Gun again. Then the pilots end up going on a mission and along this dog fight Maverick saves Iceman. At the end Maverick ends up want to be an instructor for Top Gun and the movie ends.

This movie felt okay from what people have today now and I hope the sequel does well, hopefully. Just because after Tom Cruise did The Mummy remake for this Dark Universe franchise I don’t know about how he will do now. Watch this yourself if you feel nostalgic or something like that.