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Was kind of excited at the concept of this movie since there isn’t many adult animated movies anymore now. Even the animated movies for kids can feel like they’re not trying at times. People say “It’s just for kids!” but just because it’s for kids doesn’t mean you don’t have to try. Also saw this pitch meeting sketch from Screenrant just to see what I’m getting into and it feels like this movie is pretty basic for a adult animated cartoon. Onto the review now.

The movie starts with this supermarket and the food sing this song to start the day about going to “The Great Beyond” when they’re chosen. There’s also this sausage named Frank and this bun Brenda who want to have sex but can’t until they get to the great beyond. Then there’s this jar of honey mustard saying that the great beyond is a lie and the gods eat them.

There’s also this douche that’s basically a jerk or a douche as people would put it. Then they meet a bagel that’s Jewish and a falafel that’s Arab and they all make it to the liqueur section of the store. There they meet a Native American whiskey called Fire Water, some grits that’s black and hates crackers, and a Twinkie that’s gay. The fruits are also gay as well and later in the movie there’s this toilet paper and a condom that talk as well. There’s also this taco played by Selma Hayek and she’s a lesbian and likes Brenda. Also this piece of gum that’s kind of like Stephen Hawking too.

Around the end the food find out that the people they thought were gods can die. So they end up killing the people in the store and after that the food has this big orgy. It does’t look that graphic, then again I’ve seen hentai so it felt tame to me. At then end they make this stargate to try and go to the human dimension, maybe hoping for a sequel.

This movie felt okay but I heard behind the scenes the animators were mistreated and forced to work overtime without play. Hearing that it just makes me wonder about the animation industry in general now since people seem to rush this all in. Also seem to rely more on nostalgic cartoon reboots and intellectual properties. The reboots then just feel like they are the exact opposite of when the original or what the cartoon was about and that’s kind of sad. Anyway give this a watch if you want but it doesn’t seem to be TO deep like other adult shows now. There’s just so many food puns and curse words you can say until it gets real old too fast.