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Thought this show would be good giving how the animation team, Man of Action, would make this show. Since they have made, Ben 10, Generator Rex, Kim Possible, and even, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Though I wonder about them now after they made Ultimate Spider-Man. Watching Ultimate Spider-Man at first felt like I was watching Family Guy since it had all these cutaway gags when it began. I felt like Peter Parker might have ended up going “You think that’s bad.” when the cutaway gags would start but I’m glad that didn’t happen.

Anyway, this show takes place after the events of the Big Hero 6 movie. Hiro rebuilds Baymax then he and the rest of Big Hero 6 fight these new enemies. There also seem to be this main enemy that seems to have determination while the side enemies but they feel kind of like push overs. By they I mean like they just commit crimes for the sake of it and never seem to try and push Big Hero 6 to it’s fullest.

This show also seems to go back and forth between serious and lighthearted but it feels inconsistent and can have a bit of tone whiplash. Though if you were a fan of the Big Hero 6 movie you can give this show a watch.