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I remember when this came out it was also shown on Adult Swim on April Fools Day in a tiny part of the screen. They also showed some deleted scenes from the movie in a extra long episode one time as well. The movie was also in select theaters and some of the kids in high school saw it and they said it was okay. Then again this movie was based on an 11-minute stoner cartoon so there wasn’t much material to work with. Also this movie is for Aqua Teen Hunger Force fans so you might not understand some of this. If not I also have an Aqua Teen Hunger Force review as well to help you understand.

Anyway, this movie starts with this “Let’s all go to the movies” song and then the real “let’s all go to the movies” song by this heavy metal band called Mastodon, called “Cut you up with a linoleum knife”. Then there ends up being this big battle where the Aqua teens fight this giant poodle that shoots lasers out of its eyes. Frylock ends up getting killed and then Master Shake and Meatwad meet Time Lincoln. Time Lincoln ends upbringing Frylock back to life and the Aqua teens go into this wooden rocket. All of that was just Master Shake trying to tell a story and this big opening of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force song starts.

After that, the Aqua Teens find this exercise machine the they barely use and try to find some directions online on how to use it. They end up trying to find some computer chip to put it in and their neighbor Carl tires it out. It ends up turning into this giant robot and lays these robot eggs and the Aqua Teens stop the robot by getting Master Shake to sing to it and the robot kills itself.

After that Frylock talks to Master Shake and Meatwad about how they were created by this guy called Dr. Weird and that there was another Aqua Teen, Chicken Bittle, voiced by Bruce Campbell. Dr. Weird wanted the Aqua Teens to ram themselves into this brick wall while in a plane but Frylock didn’t want to do that so he moved the plane around. Frylock mentions going to Africa with the other Aqua Teens to help out but Chicken Bittle ends up getting eaten by a lion. Then the Aqua Teens end up going to this house in New Jersey and that’s where they live now.

The end of this movie just feels random and Meatwad gets killed somehow. then this guy Walter Melon and the drummer from Rush, Neil Peart, and somehow when he starts drumming he brings Meatwad to life. After that the movie just kind of ends.

This movie felt okay but if you are a die-hard Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan, give this a watch with some friends and maybe some beers. I even tried to get the DVD on amazon but what I bought couldn’t play so it might have been a bootleg. They also have the soundtrack Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters Colon The Soundtrack. I bought that and there are also these little skits in the album as well.