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I wasn’t too sure about this reboot of the Modern Warfare franchise since Call of Duty now seemed more about the multiplayer than the single player campaign story now. Also don’t even get me started on the lootboxes they have now. I’ll be reviewing the single player campaign story mostly since the multiplayer seems kinda bad, something about there’s too much “camping” were you just hide somewhere and just shoot the other team when they’re around.

The campaign starts where someone steals these trucks full of chemical weapon drums and the American army checks it out. The story also goes to Britain where some SAS soldiers a new guy and Modern Warfare’s legendary, Captain Price, try and stop some terrorists. Then theirs a later mission where they go to this loft to do a room clear for terrorists and it creates a lot of suspense. The American story then takes place in a middle eastern country I’m just going to call Whateverstan, and you an a resistance fighter go incognito since Whateverstan is under Russian control and I will get to that part soon.

Then you end up fighting this other terrorist group that Whateverstan created after the Russians invaded. You capture the terrorist group leader and later the terrorists rally and invade the American embassy while the SAS solders tag along for a joint operation. The terrorists end up getting their leader back and then the next level takes place at The Highway of Death. The resistance group blames Russia for the highway of death but I heard America had a part in it too but they don’t seem to acknowledge it in the game. Just feel like that whole “America is never wrong!” propaganda at times even though we can be. At the end it turns out the resistance group took the chemical weapons to attack the Russians.

After that there’s this flashback where the resistance group leaders, a brother, and sister, witnessed Russia attacking Whateverstan when they were kids. The Russians found this offensive since in the game when they attacked Whateverstan it takes place a few years after the Cold War was over. Then these two end up killing a Russian solider who breaks in their home while the Russian military gases Whateverstan. You use stealth a bit before you actually kill the solider and then you end up trying to get to a truck but end up captured.

Then it goes to present day where you go to this terrorist leaders hideout while also doing some room clears. The leader arms this suicide bomb after committing suicide himself and you try and disarm the bomb. After that there’s this flashback level where the sister who survived the attack on Whateverstan is now a prisoner. You try and chose these questions but I just picked the silence questions then after a waterboarding scene you end up escaping out of you cell. After that you do a prison breakout and along the way meet one of the SAS people Captain Price before he had his beard.

After that both American and SAS soldiers make their way into Russia and end up interrogating a terrorist general called “The Butcher”. They end up getting his wife and child and threaten to kill either them or him to know where the Russian general is. The scene is pretty intense when you point the gun at “The Butcher” and pull the trigger but it wasn’t loaded. I just stopped after that since it felt like if I shot him unharmed it would be a low blow.

During the final level you basically fight the Russian general and it feels like “Go America! Go!” at times. Though at the end it builds up the original Modern Warfare team and another part of the game called Special Ops. Though some people recommend that you play with friends and not just random people, just for the sake if you want players to cooperate is all.

In the end the story felt okay after everything was put into context and it’s kinda sad Russia blocked the game in a way since how they were portrayed as they bad guys. Though China can never, ever, ever, ever, ever, be the bad guy in media and entertainment because they have the most marketable people there. The game feels okay and kind of has this love hate relationship with players at times.