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Just so people know I read this without any knowledge of who America Chavez was when reading this. Also just wanted to look into this series since they’re giving this character another series but the SJW’s kept whining about how her butt looked too sexy from the new design she’ll have. What’s next? Is her hair going to be too sexy? what about her nipples, her eyes, or everything else? Though these SJW’s seem to always whine about everything thinking somehow if they whine enough they will be rewarded for it.

This comic starts with some hero’s saying how great America Chavez is and that she is the future. Not sure who’s future since it sounds like later in this comic shes from another dimension or planet were there’s only women. Basically I’m not sure if shes THE future or A future since she seems not from this world. America Chavez is basically a Puerto Rican Supergirl who can also create these star portals that can go to other dimensions or other places in time.

After America fights this weird energy monster on this planet Maltixa, near her home the Utopian Parallel. America just punches it and it goes away then after that America goes to New York City to be with her lesbian girlfriend. She tells America that she isn’t going with her and America gets all defensive. Since America thought them both going was THEIR decision but she just wanted her to be happy but America still gets defensive.

America meets up with Kate Bishop, the 2nd Hawkeye, even though the comic said she was the first, but she wasn’t, the 1st Hawkeye was a man, Clint Barton. Turns out America’s college she’s going to is an inter dimensional college, and that’s a thing. She the tries to get recruited into this sorority but declines and goes to her class.

When she gets there the teacher tires to give her a challenge but then one of the students solves it for her, some mutant or avenger called Prodigy. Then America goes “What in the holy menstruation are you doing here?” that just feels inappropriate since shes talking about lady parts in public place. It’s not like men go “What the sperm are you doing here?” since that feels and sounds incredibly out of place.

They also mention how her parents sacrificed their lives to protect the multiverse in all but America keeps calling her parents her moms. It’s just that it sounds off and she could of just called them her “parents” instead of her “moms” but I guess it’s that “Girl Power!” or that “Destroy the Patriarchy!” bull crap.

Prodigy then shows America a time machine called the Wayback, he says he isn’t sure if it works to well but America uses it and goes back in time to World War 2 Germany. She checks her phone while there and Captian America shows up then America punches Hitler and he’s okay somehow and isn’t dead. Hitler is then escorted back to a Nazi base and Captain America tells America Chavez to stand down and does, and I am glad since I thought she might of went “You can’t control me!” and punched him. Anyway then Peggy Carter and America talk a bit in some bunker and then Nazis break into the bunker but this is all just to tell the audience that Peggy Cater says America Chavez is great. After that America goes back to her dimension, present day, and blames her New York girlfriend for leaving her even though America left her. Then before some lecture she talks about privilege even though America as super strength, durability, and can create star portals, so this feels REALLY out of place. The lecture is from this little black girl Moongirl who said shes the smartest person in Marvel even though there’s also Reed Richards. She wonders why school days are 8 hours long even though she could google it and why she can’t vote. Why she can’t is because she’s still 8 and needs to grow up more to understand the the world and the rules even though shes says the rules are just there to keep you down and obey. Even though the rules are there for a reason as a kid, and as a hero to set an example, so people can understand the rules, and so you can be a sense of hope for the fight.

Somehow after that America says she can travel though time somehow and then these weird robot rich white kids start attacking. She and that sorority stop them and then the robots kidnap Prodigy. After that it all is taken care of screen and these women she saved from that energy monster kidnap her ex and America goes and tries to save her even though SHE broke up with HER.

America then mentions how after her parents disappeared she went to earth and learned about all the Latin people and their cultures. Ends up kind of explained why she’s such a hothead since shes trying to find herself a bit. America goes to the 1980’s to defeat the Juggernaut and meet Storm from back then just to tell the audience of how great America Chavez is. Storm also tells America to calm down, think before you act, and not just punch the bad people and ask questions later. Even though she kind of feels like most millennial’s who can be just egotistical and think they don’t need any man or older person to teach them something. Which is and sounds incredibly ungrateful since you need more than just all of that and sometimes need the help of others.

Then America goes back to her world in the present where that energy monster attacked and has came back. It’s clever since this teaches America to think before she acts but then she goes back in time to just incapacitate the energy being and they put it in some cage. Feels also like a bad excuse to do a redo and somehow America doesn’t create a time paradox from crossing her own timeline. Kind of wondering if this ends up creating something even worse because of the butterfly effect, where you go into the past it will rewrite the present, but it doesn’t. Then this elderly lady takes America to this pocket dimension and she’s either her grandmother or her future self, maybe. The elderly lady tells her that she sent America to help her learn some life lessons but America just takes off again for some reason, not wanting anything to do with her. America then leaves and goes to earth to meet up with Kate Bishop in the desert.

Then they talk about the patriarchy and work out a lot. Then the day after they go to meet up with one of America’s ex girlfriends that’s a MMA fighter. America ends up getting kidnapped by her ex since Arcade is holding her father hostage. Then America’s grandmother and Kate Bishop save the ex’s father and defeat Arcade and his stone monsters. After that America and her grandmother end up going into one of these star portals probably from some training or something like that. Then at the end it goes to that college from another dimension where these this lady the Exterminatrix talks about planning to kill America.

Reading this from my Hoopla app it just felt like America Chavez was one of those self entitled SJWs who are trying to be independent but come of as a stubborn jerk afraid to ask for help. I even heard there was this one SJW who sued someone from saving them from drowning and that was an actual thing that happens. I was also able to get a sum up of the 6 issues from this guy who reviewed this comic on YouTube, Micah Curtis, and I’ll link his profile in the end. I didn’t plagiarize I just wanted to get the just of it all.

I also wonder if I post this that the SJWs will get all angry and say I’m wrong. Or worse, find where I live and protest at my home, or worse throw their used tampons, mud, or their actual crap at me. If they do I will just see them and wonder, “And you called ME the savage.”.