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I remember when watching “I Love the 70s” on VH1 a long time ago I heard about the car wash song and that it was based on a movie. I even wanted to try and work at one the car wash places around here where I live but I never really saw the movie until I watched it on demand to see what it was all about.

This movie starts off with 1970s Los Angeles and a bunch of guys who work at the car wash. It’s surprising how car wash places used to hand wash the car or put it through a cycle where you can watch it go by. Today now you just go in along with the wash cycle.

This movie is mostly just a bunch of people who hang out at the car wash and work there. There’s also a taxi driver and a preacher played by George Carlin and Richard Pryor, they’re not in this movie much just so you’ll know. Also, there is this hooker who gets dressed in the car wash bathroom at times as well they even mention a pop bottle Bomber but nothing really comes of it in the movie. The end though at night worried me a bit though it didn’t end too badly from what I saw.

Anyway, this movie seemed like a nice little movie from the 70s and the soundtrack is amazing. You can give it a watch if you want just a little laugh for escapism or what life was back then, “can you dig?”.