Knight Rider (Classic) Review


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I remember watching this show on the Sci-Fi channel when they did these day-long marathons of old shows. Basically in this world where criminals go above the law this guy and his talking car try to stop them. When this cop, Michael Long, is shot in the head and given plastic surgery, is then called Michael Knight, played by David Hasselhoff.

This show I think he was at least trying back then and I was also surprised when he was in the movie Starcrash. Also before that internet video made him look dumb as well. Michael’s car is also given a remodel as well as an AI partner in his car called KITT, which stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand. KITT is also voiced by Mr. Feeney from Boy Meets World, in case you didn’t know that as well.

Watching it on and off from beginning to end and it is a little slow but it was the 1980s TV and it was more in your face at times. They notch up the formula as well, where they’re these scenarios where KITT gets beaten up badly, where KITT is hacked and when KITT also loses his car body in certain episodes.

I heard they made for TV movie of the show and try to make it but the remake was pretty bad. Probably because it was made during the writers strike and also Val Kilmer voiced the Knight Industries Three Thousand and was kind of a jerk in it. Also, they were the scenes were the car transformed using nanobots which really was just CGI and he wasn’t a transformer. Looking back it felt like it was a lot of CGI and green screen and just felt off at times.


Dr. No Review (Spoilers)


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This was the first James Bond movie based on the novels by Ian Fleming. Released in 1962 it stars Sean Conery as James Bond. In this, he goes to Jamaica to find the disappearance of some MI-6 agents. Along the way, he meets some of the locals and a CIA agent there as well. The action scenes are okay but the acting makes up for that here in this movie. Also, these movies show James Bond’s way with the ladies, and this was an era before people used protection and birth control. So some people might question if Bond caught something or got the girl pregnant.

Regardless the middle of the movie introduces Honey Ryder, played by Ursula Andress. She explains that she is trying to find Dr. No herself so she teams up with him and then they get taken to Dr. No’s underground base. After they get scanned for radiation and washed up they’re sent to some guest room. After that, they meet Dr. No who has these pincers for hands, why I don’t quite know but I’m sure the book explains it. Then Dr. No does the whole explain his plan before they kill his pattern and then is sent somewhere. After Bond escapes he defeats Dr. No, activates the self-destruct for the base, and finds and saves Honey. Then after they escape Bond’s American contact find him and Honey and she and Bond celebrate. This movie is pretty amazing and I read the book so this is a pretty good adaption. The sets are creative as well as the locations and Sean Conery is just amazing in these movies.

Ant-Man (Movie) Review


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Watched this as a way to catch up to see the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp. Was hoping Hank Pym would be Ant-Man in this since he was the first person to become him but we get Scott Lang, the second Ant-Man instead. Also was surprised Michal Douglas played Hank Pym since I heard he had a battle with that cancer awhile back. Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang and he used to be a safecracker until he was caught, he was released later but it left a mark on him.

It was nice to see this guy trying to get a second chance since a criminal record gives you a bad mark still. The scenes where Ant-Man shrinks down almost felt like I was watching The Incredible Shrinking Man at times. Yellowjacket is also in this but is played by someone else instead of Hank Pym. To those who don’t know Yellowjacket was one of Hank Pym’s personas and he was a little crazy. There is also talk of the quantum universe or sub-quantum realm or sub-quantum universe, and it makes me think we might see more of it and someone else in the sequel.

There are also all these scenes with Michael Douglas was trying to be the straight man but can I had his wall street vibes when he got angry. Paul Rudd was also pretty good in this as well and I kept thinking about his previous works like Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. The movie itself feels OK and there are some scenes where they try to be funny at times but doesn’t quite feel right.

Transformers: The Last Knight Review (Spoilers)


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Watching this movie the first thing I didn’t like was had the aspect ratio kept changing. Almost like he used to different cameras and maybe he did maybe to mess with us. Then the movie starts at King Arthur and his knights in the middle ages and the Autobots helping them. Then with the present story, it shows Optimus coming back to Cybertron and meet this lady transformer called Quintessa. She then minds controls Optimus to go to earth to find something.

On earth Cade Yeager, from the last movie, is on the run and befriends some people and transformers like Bumblebee. There’s also an anti-transformers force called the TRF though I wonder what happened to NEST honestly. Then the TRF also gets help from Megatron and he wants them to release some of the Decepticons to help him.

After a battle with some TRF drones and the Decepticons, this C3P-O looking transformer takes Cade to Britain where this guy, played by Anthony Hopkins, tells him and this British lady about the secret origin of the transformers throughout history. Even though this messes up the continuity still again given the other movies timelines. Then Optimus comes back and tries to get this staff that King Arther was given by the Autobots during the Middle Ages. Bumblebee snaps Optimus out of his mind control by Bumblebee using his actual voice.

They then get the staff and stop both Megatron and Quintessa then the movie ends. Though during the post-credits they are making plains for the next movie with Unicron. Something about he hid under the earth for billions of years or something like that. Also for those who don’t know Unicron is I giant planet transformer that eats planets.

In the end, this movie feels a bit repetitive, since it feels like the plot from the same 4 Transformers movies. Though I guess the rest of the world likes them, especially China as well since there was some product placement for I think for Chinese Spotify. If you like these movies it is fine, it just feels like they are a bit repetitive at times. I will still give Bumblebee a watch since the setting feels like a callback to the G1 Cartoon, taking place in the 1980s. Hope that movie does something a bit different though.

Transformers: Age of Extinction Review (Spoilers)


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When trying to watch this movie on Blu-ray it felt kind of bright. The move stars with the transformers creators trying to colonize the earth for their kind back in the age of the dinosaurs and that was how the dinosaurs became extinct. Then the present story starts and the world hates transformers now because of the last movie. Kelsey Grammer plays the leader of this CIA board trying to hunt down and kill transformers and is pretty good in this and it makes me want to find out what he’s been doing all these years.

Mark Walberg is in this and plays an inventor named Cade Yeager. He plays an inventor trying to find the next big thing coming out to make. He’s okay in this even though he has the potential to be a good actor. In this one scene in some old theater, they mention remakes and sequels are crap even know I was just thinking, “pointing out your problems doesn’t make them go away.” and a little later Cade finds Optimus Prime in there. Cade repairs Optimus and then the CIA tracks Cade down and threatens to kill his family. Optimus saves Cade’s family and they run away somewhere.

After regrouping they go to this business building, KSI, since they seem to be dissecting the dead transformers for resources and using them to combat other transformers. They also create Galvatron out of Megatron and he goes a bit out of control. Then they go to China since one of the KSI factories are there and also these movies are big in China, for some reason. Galvatron then takes control of the KSI made transformers and tires to blow up a part of China for some raw material.

The Autobots hide on the bounty hunter’s ship to get to China and along the way they meet the Dinobots, sadly they don’t talk. The action and fight in the scenes with the transformers in China just feel there since they don’t feel built up. In the end, the CIA agent tries to stop Cade but at the end for the CIA guy feels contradictory to the Autobots since in the first movie they do not harm humans. Then Optimus leaves Earth and goes to Cybertron to find his creators.

In the end, this movie felt boring, bright and maybe just one big commercial with all the product placement in the movie and on the transformers. Though it made a lot of money with help from China, I guess. If you like the Transformers movies this one is okay, I was waiting to see more of Kelsey Grammer but he isn’t in this too much. Will get to The Last Knight soon when I can.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review (Spoilers)


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You usually hear the 3rd movie in the series is pretty bad. Though I am still trying to watch all the live action Transformers movies to be prepared for Bumblebee coming soon. This movie starts off with an Autobot ship crashing on the moon and that was the reason why we landed on the moon in the 1960’s. That was a lot to handle when this was in theaters and now just because it feels a bit dumb, also messes up the continuity of the movies.

Then the movie starts with Sam Witwicky again trying to find a job. He also has a new girlfriend and these two little transformers to keep an eye on him while Bumblebee is out somewhere with Optimus. There also another guy that likes Sam’s girlfriend which causes a bit of a love triangle. There’s then one scene where one of Soundwave’s little guys, Laserbeak, kills all the people who helped with the moon landing.

Optimus also revives this Autobot Sentinel Prime, voiced by the Leonard Nimoy and he explains some plains for the Space Bridge, a device where the Transformers can travel anywhere in the universe. After some action scenes, it’s found out that Sentinel Prime joined the Decepticons and this also has a bit of deja-vu since he also voiced Galvatron in the first Transformers Animated movie. Then it’s found out that the guy that likes Sam’s girlfriend is working with the Decepticons. Why I have no idea since they could just kill him and take over everything he had.

Then there’s a scene where humankind turns on the Autobots which is kind of crazy and sad since they wanted to help humankind. Also, who will stop the Decepticons or any other aliens as well? Humankind tries to deport the Autobots in the space shuttle and it looks like it blows up. Then Sam and some of the NEST soldiers try to break in and stop the Decepticons from trying to bring their homeworld Cybertron to earth. Sentinel Prime does a “Needs on the many.” argument but this is transformers and not Star Trek. The end of the movie ends the same but it was a bit sad for Sentinel Prime since he was Optimus Prime’s mentor. Also felt like Sentinel Prime was being kicked when he was down at the end.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review


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I remember watching the first live-action Transformers movie and thought it was pretty good, the love story I thought was OK but the action scenes were amazing. It was also pretty good that they got Peter Cullen to do the of voice Optimus Prime again. When I heard they were making a sequel I was surprised but heard it was pretty bad. Something about it was a bit rushed because of the Writers Strike back then and also Shia LaBeouf broke some of his fingers and they lazily wrote it into the movie.

So I checked out at the library and watched it myself to see how it was and to see if it was that bad, it kinda was. Sam’s parents were annoying and I couldn’t quite tell the Transformers apart from Autobot or Decepticon. There’s also this military force called NEST to help with the Autobots against the Decepticons. Sam then finds this shard of the Allspark and Soundwave, voiced by Frank Weller, finds him, they also didn’t put the voice filter on him so he sounds like Dr. Claw instead.

Most of the movie is just Sam and some of the previous cast trying to help the Autobots, like in the last movie. There’s also these Autobots that sound and look kinda like black stereotypes. This movie also introduces Devastator, a giant transformer created by some Decepticons called the Constructicons. Then the movie pretty much ends the same way the last movie did as well.

Upright Citizens Brigade Review


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Watched this as a kid on Comedy Central when I was about 10 or 11 years old. It wasn’t until I looked them up on YouTube I found out they have their own YouTube page with newer people and skits. I watched a few and some of them were a bit gross, like this one about a tampon commercial where the water they show you is red instead of blue. Thought this made me want to look up the original show so I checked it out through the library but they only had seasons 1 and 2 though there was a 3rd season as well.

Watching this show today it feels okay and surreal but if this show was made today it wouldn’t see the light of day in today’s world of SJWs and PC people. This was also where Amy Poehler was able to get her start before she was on Saturday Night Live. As well as some other side members too like Tina Fey. Upright Citizens Brigade is about this team of people underground trying to create chaos since the dawn of civilization. The more I think about it feels like a balance thing where they create chaos to cut the teeth on order since order can’t exist without chaos. There’s also these prank vids at the end of each episode and those prank videos can be risky if they were made today. I’m sure they weren’t mean pranks but you can never be too sure.

Found out they had a studio for this when they did improvisation and it shut down recently though. I still might want to buy the DVDs since this has surreal humor that some people tried to do in the 90s, like the Adventures of Pete and Pete but more adult overtones. Give these a watch and maybe the new stuff when you can and see if it makes you laugh since I was able to get a few laughs here and there myself from the show.

Reboot: The Guardian Code Review


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Hearing about this reboot of the CGI cartoon in the 1990’s, Reboot. I was excited and hoped it would pick up a bit later after the show ended. Since the original show ended on a cliffhanger that didn’t get a resolution. Instead, we get a Power Rangers rip off show where out the main villain is some dirty hacker called The Sorcerer and he’s pretty typical in this show.

Binged the first season on Netflix and it just seemed okay and the last episode I was a bit excited, but also a bit insulted. Hope this next season, if they make one, gets better and more fleshed out. Though some people on YouTube say it’s getting worse but I’ll give it a watch myself before I think that.