Airwolf Review


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First heard about it when playing the NES game so long ago as a kid. Never realized it was a tv show in the 1980’s until there was a Sci-Fi channel marathon block one day. In the pilot, some people who built this helicopter called Airwolf, and how it’s this high-tech chopper at least for the 1980’s.

There’s a lot of dust spots when watching the pilot and I was watching this on Netflix. Even though some or most of these old shows on Netflix have been restored but it was probably just cheap to film when they first made this show. My father also told me this show came out just when cable became a thing back then in the early 1980’s.

Mostly there’s a lot of talking in the show so far even though it’s about Airwolf. The main hero is played by Jan-Michael Vincent and he seems okay in this show. Also heard about the helicopters fate after the show ended. It was on Robot Chicken I found out the helicopter was made into a German medical chopper, then it crashed into a mountain in 1992. The sketch was called “F-ing Google it!” or just “Google it!” is what it was called on YouTube. Checked it myself to confirm it and it really did happen which is kinda sad. Here’s the link also to the sketch if you want to see it yourself.

The dialogue and some of the stories so far are pretty dated today. Sometimes it’s just Russians wreaking havoc but keep in mind this was during the cold war. This show also tries to build up Seeing Airwolf but when it does show up it just hovers around.

As much as I bad talk this show some people are big fans of this show and I just wasn’t too sure about this show since it got a 3 out of 5 on my tastes in Netflix. If you’re a fan of this show then watch away but I heard the last season was pretty back even for the show.


Beverly Hills Cop Review


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I never really watched this movie except on TV. Wasn’t until I checked the dvd out at the library I thought it was amazing. Eddie Murphy plays Axel Foley, a wisecracking Detroit cop who after doing a sting, his friend visits from Beverly Hills. After celebrating Axel’s friend gets killed and he goes to Beverly Hills to find the people who murdered his friend.

It’s just amazing to see this Detroit cop in a different environment and Eddie Murphy can be pretty funny when he want’s to be. The music is pretty good and one song just gets stuck in your head when you hear it. There’s also a lot of action scenes and comedy scenes making it and the movie not so serious all the time.

Haven’t seen the sequels but I heard they were okay. This movie though is one of the best performances by Eddie Murphy from the 1980’s. Just like Trading Places and Coming to America as well.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review


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When I bought this it was mostly because of Kevin Spacey as the corrupt businessman since he can do that pretty well. There’s also these EXO suits that are supposed to give you some powers like a jet pack or a slide move. The single player campaign takes place in the near future with this guy and his friend are in the marines, stopping North Korea from invading South Korea which sounds dumb.

When you meet the guy and his friend it does feel like they just met. Both of them end up losing something but I don’t want to spoil the story. Then Kevin Spacey shows up as the leader of this weapons corporation called ATLAS. He seems to be pretty good in this and the campaign can be a ride when it can.

The multiplayer is okay and with the EXO armors  it can be chaos at times. This was also one of the first multiplayer games I played online in the Call of Duty games. It was kind of frustrating since I just started playing multiplayer at the time. Some people I think bought this game from day one and got special downloads or just used micro-transactions.

The game just puts the breaks on hold for this aging franchise and it feels at times just Call of Duty with jet packs and lasers. If you just want to play this because of Kevin Spacey then go ahead since he’s pretty good in this. Also the matchmaking in multiplayer is more fleshed out and there’s the pick 13 system from Call of Duty: Black Ops. Making you choose wisely form weapon attachments or perks.

PC version I heard is a bit worse and hearing what happened with the PC version of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare it seems like they don’t care about PC gamer’s as much. Basically I heard the divided the DRM and servers meaning if you want to play it on Steam or Xbox PC store. It’s kinda shocking since there isn’t many players  for the more recent Call of Duty games. Either they’re too demanding, or the multiplayer is broken, or they’re all just playing them on the Xbox One or the PS4.








009-1: The End of the Beginning Review (Spoilers)


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Watching this movie based on the anime of the same name it seems okay, found this on a library app called Hoopla. It seems there’s a lot of fanservice in this movie and random action that kind of strays form the source material. Our lead explains this quick backstory of the movie. Something about a world where the Cold War never ended and the world is divided as the Western Block and the Eastern Block.

She also explains she’s a cyborg and had machine gun boobs as well. After saving some people she starts remembering her name, Mylene. Also there’s a lot of cgi bullets in this movie which is kinda cheap. Mylene also is called a monster at times even though the people who probably made her were the real monsters.

There’s this scene where she makes out with this supposedly long lost brother that creeped my out. Then he dies shortly after Mylene’s fired from the agency she works with. Then later there’s this fight scene in a swimming pool which seems pretty dumb and a cheap way for fanservice or a cat fight.

The rest is that her brother wants to destroy the world and then make a new one. Also it turns out she was the only cyborg that made it through even though in the anime she had a team with her sometimes.

Then she fights zombies and this all seems out of place like the director never saw the anime and just wanted to make softcore porn at times. I wouldn’t recommend this since it seems kinda cheap and was just made as a part of a live action quota. This movie just makes me want to watch the anime just to get rid of the bad taste.

Star Trek Beyond Review


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First watching this movie I had mixed feelings since it seemed like these Star Trek 2009 reboot movies at times didn’t feel like Star Trek movies. More like action movies and that’s not what Star Trek is about, it’s about diplomacy. There ARE a lot of homages to the original Star Trek in this movie though.

The movie starts off 3 years into the 5 year mission with Kirk thinking about leaving the Enterprise. Spock is also thinking of leaving as well as something happens to someone close to him. Then a damaged ship seeks help from the Enterprise and we later see our enemy Thrall, played by Idris Elba. Who want’s to destroy this space station in the frontier.

I won’t spoil his origin but it woke me up and made me want to watch the ending. The middle and ending of this movie also feels a bit like an homage to Star Trek: Enterprise and you don’t get many mentions about that show in Star Trek.

In the end the movie was trying to make it feel like a Star Trek movie and it kinda did that at least for the ending. If your still a fan of Star Trek and their movies then give this a watch.

Sherlock Review


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Watching this I wasn’t sure what to think of the show. This was also the first time I saw Benedict Cumberbatch acting and he really gets the feel of Sherlock Holmes. The story is basically a modern retelling of the Sherlock Holmes novels from the Victorian era. It may sound bad at first but the retelling is done with respect and care from the books. Made me want to read the books this show was based on.

Each episode is long, about an hour and a half long so you’ll have to get comfortable when watching this. There’s also all of Sherlock’s deduction shown as all this text when he’s looking at stuff.

The guy who plays Watson, Martin Freeman, is also pretty good in this and I didn’t realize he was a doctor until it was mentioned in the show and book. Also the guy who plays Moriarty in this show is pretty good and I think he’s American too.

Overall this is a pretty good mystery show and you should give it a watch if your a fan of the books, mysteries, or even Benedict Cumberbatch for that matter.

Thunderbirds Original Review


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Watching this reminded me not just of the reboot, Thunderbirds Are Go!, but of the movie Team America: World Police. Since this uses puppets or marinates like that movie did. After binge watching Thunderbirds Are Go! on Amazon video it made me want to see the original show.

Watching it on the Shout! Tv app I was surprised at all the sets and the little vehicles made for this show. The original is about an hour long and the pace might be kinda slow to today’s audience. Since this was made in the 1960’s and television was more in your face at the time.

It’s also pretty colorful it being a 1960’s animation show, has that pop art feel to it and is even more amazing in HD. This show was also considered to be the crow jewel in Gerry Anderson’s shows with the puppets. You can give this and his other works a watch since they all have their own strengths to them as well. There’s also my Stingray review if you want to know about that show as well.

Saint’s Row: the Third Review


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Playing this on the PS3 so long ago I thought it was okay, thinking it would be like Saint’s Row 2. It wasn’t as good as good probably because you can’t replay missions like in the last one. The main story Is pretty short taking about 7 or 8 hours and mostly just about the shock value of those big purple dildo’s as weapons at times. There’s also a Burt Reynolds cameo which is kinda cool, something called Whored Mode which is okay, and co-op for the main story if you want to play with a friend. 

Wasn’t until it came out on the PC I found out people really liked this game. Since it’s basically a less serious Grand Theft Auto that is more about having fun. There’s also some doc if you didn’t get the full package version which is alright. Anyway if you like to have fun in a GTA like game then give this a play when you can.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Review 


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Watching this I wasn’t too sure about this show even though I liked the 2003 Ninja Turtles at first. Now the 2012 version of Ninja Turtles is in it’s 8th and it deserves it.

This show also references all kinds of stuff about the turtles. Like the original show, the movies, and even the original comics as well.

The voice cast is all pretty amazing too and everyone puts up a good performance. At some point even the Turtles go into space with the Fugitoid, voiced by David Tennant, and he puts up a good performance. Also Michael Dorn plays a Triceraton in the space arc as well.

The fight scenes are pretty amazing and there some good writing in this show too. So give it a watch when you can, you’ll be glad you did.

Gears of War 1, 2, and 3, Review


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Playing this I thought it was okay, then again I only played the single player campaign. Since these games came out in 2006 and my parents didn’t want me to play online, worried I would talk to strangers. Anyway the 1st game takes place on some planet humans colonized called Sera. Then there’s this war between humans for some fuel source called Imulsion.

This causes an insect like race called the Locust to come out underground and to the surface. Humankind then unities and uses these laser satellites to destroy them but it doesn’t work too well. It leaves the survivors Stranded with nowhere to go.

The first game takes place 14 years after the first Locust attack in a prison. Our main hero Marcus Fenix, voiced by John Demaggieo, he’s the voice actor of Bender from Futurama, and Jake the Dog from Adventure Time if that helps. Some solider and friend of his Dom saves him and the rest of the game is just shoot stuff and hide behind cover.

The second game is a bit better since if you lose health a teammate can come to save you. Which is a step up from the first game since the last game if you lose health you die instantly which could get frustrating at times. It also introduces the Locust queen which looks pretty human.

The third game just felt like it just ends. I won’t spoil the ending but it just feels like more could of been accomplished. I expected the Humans and Locust to unite against the lambent, they’re infected Locust and Humans from the Imulsion, but that didn’t happen. They still both kinda thought “Peace Will Never Come Until They’re All Dead.” which is kinda dumb since wars need to find a common ground. Or it would just be the endless cycle of violence with people just fighting forever.

There’s also Gears of War: Judgement which is basically a prequel that doesn’t leave you with much. Like it’s just there for the fanboys or to fill a quota.

Gears of War 4 I haven’t played but they say it’s like a new experience like the first Gears of War. There’s also this cross buy option to play it on both Xbox One and PC but I heard the PC end is having some problems. Yeah Microsoft has this thing now where if you by a Xbox One game, the PC version is free for cross play, if you want to play in the PC that is. Since I heard it’s pretty demanding on the computer.