Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) Review (Spoilers?)


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I wasn’t too sure about this reboot of the Modern Warfare franchise since Call of Duty now seemed more about the multiplayer than the single player campaign story now. Also don’t even get me started on the lootboxes they have now. I’ll be reviewing the single player campaign story mostly since the multiplayer seems kinda bad, something about there’s too much “camping” were you just hide somewhere and just shoot the other team when they’re around.

The campaign starts where someone steals these trucks full of chemical weapon drums and the American army checks it out. The story also goes to Britain where some SAS soldiers a new guy and Modern Warfare’s legendary, Captain Price, try and stop some terrorists. Then theirs a later mission where they go to this loft to do a room clear for terrorists and it creates a lot of suspense. The American story then takes place in a middle eastern country I’m just going to call Whateverstan, and you an a resistance fighter go incognito since Whateverstan is under Russian control and I will get to that part soon.

Then you end up fighting this other terrorist group that Whateverstan created after the Russians invaded. You capture the terrorist group leader and later the terrorists rally and invade the American embassy while the SAS solders tag along for a joint operation. The terrorists end up getting their leader back and then the next level takes place at The Highway of Death. The resistance group blames Russia for the highway of death but I heard America had a part in it too but they don’t seem to acknowledge it in the game. Just feel like that whole “America is never wrong!” propaganda at times even though we can be. At the end it turns out the resistance group took the chemical weapons to attack the Russians.

After that there’s this flashback where the resistance group leaders, a brother, and sister, witnessed Russia attacking Whateverstan when they were kids. The Russians found this offensive since in the game when they attacked Whateverstan it takes place a few years after the Cold War was over. Then these two end up killing a Russian solider who breaks in their home while the Russian military gases Whateverstan. You use stealth a bit before you actually kill the solider and then you end up trying to get to a truck but end up captured.

Then it goes to present day where you go to this terrorist leaders hideout while also doing some room clears. The leader arms this suicide bomb after committing suicide himself and you try and disarm the bomb. After that there’s this flashback level where the sister who survived the attack on Whateverstan is now a prisoner. You try and chose these questions but I just picked the silence questions then after a waterboarding scene you end up escaping out of you cell. After that you do a prison breakout and along the way meet one of the SAS people Captain Price before he had his beard.

After that both American and SAS soldiers make their way into Russia and end up interrogating a terrorist general called “The Butcher”. They end up getting his wife and child and threaten to kill either them or him to know where the Russian general is. The scene is pretty intense when you point the gun at “The Butcher” and pull the trigger but it wasn’t loaded. I just stopped after that since it felt like if I shot him unharmed it would be a low blow.

During the final level you basically fight the Russian general and it feels like “Go America! Go!” at times. Though at the end it builds up the original Modern Warfare team and another part of the game called Special Ops. Though some people recommend that you play with friends and not just random people, just for the sake if you want players to cooperate is all.

In the end the story felt okay after everything was put into context and it’s kinda sad Russia blocked the game in a way since how they were portrayed as they bad guys. Though China can never, ever, ever, ever, ever, be the bad guy in media and entertainment because they have the most marketable people there. The game feels okay and kind of has this love hate relationship with players at times.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters Review (Spoilers?)


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I remember when this came out it was also shown on Adult Swim on April Fools Day in a tiny part of the screen. They also showed some deleted scenes from the movie in a extra long episode one time as well. The movie was also in select theaters and some of the kids in high school saw it and they said it was okay. Then again this movie was based on an 11-minute stoner cartoon so there wasn’t much material to work with. Also this movie is for Aqua Teen Hunger Force fans so you might not understand some of this. If not I also have an Aqua Teen Hunger Force review as well to help you understand.

Anyway, this movie starts with this “Let’s all go to the movies” song and then the real “let’s all go to the movies” song by this heavy metal band called Mastodon, called “Cut you up with a linoleum knife”. Then there ends up being this big battle where the Aqua teens fight this giant poodle that shoots lasers out of its eyes. Frylock ends up getting killed and then Master Shake and Meatwad meet Time Lincoln. Time Lincoln ends upbringing Frylock back to life and the Aqua teens go into this wooden rocket. All of that was just Master Shake trying to tell a story and this big opening of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force song starts.

After that, the Aqua Teens find this exercise machine the they barely use and try to find some directions online on how to use it. They end up trying to find some computer chip to put it in and their neighbor Carl tires it out. It ends up turning into this giant robot and lays these robot eggs and the Aqua Teens stop the robot by getting Master Shake to sing to it and the robot kills itself.

After that Frylock talks to Master Shake and Meatwad about how they were created by this guy called Dr. Weird and that there was another Aqua Teen, Chicken Bittle, voiced by Bruce Campbell. Dr. Weird wanted the Aqua Teens to ram themselves into this brick wall while in a plane but Frylock didn’t want to do that so he moved the plane around. Frylock mentions going to Africa with the other Aqua Teens to help out but Chicken Bittle ends up getting eaten by a lion. Then the Aqua Teens end up going to this house in New Jersey and that’s where they live now.

The end of this movie just feels random and Meatwad gets killed somehow. then this guy Walter Melon and the drummer from Rush, Neil Peart, and somehow when he starts drumming he brings Meatwad to life. After that the movie just kind of ends.

This movie felt okay but if you are a die-hard Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan, give this a watch with some friends and maybe some beers. I even tried to get the DVD on amazon but what I bought couldn’t play so it might have been a bootleg. They also have the soundtrack Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters Colon The Soundtrack. I bought that and there are also these little skits in the album as well.

Total Jazz Review


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I checked this out a while ago at the public library and started reading it on and off. I liked the art of this comic and the one-page stories this had. The best one I liked was “Diary of a Consumer” where it showed vinyl and CDs from 1993 to 2003, where there were so many of them back then, now there’s barely any today.

This made me want to read print media again since I feel like I spend too much time on tablets and e-readers. Feel like it might mess with my eyes or something like that. This review might be a bit short but it’s a bit hard for me to read print and comics at times since some comics are hard to find. I hope to find more at my library next time though.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Review (Spoilers?)


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I remember watching this show when Adult Swim first came out in 2001. Watching this as a kid I didn’t quite get the humor but now I understand the humor better and feel like this show has aged gracefully like a fine wine now. While some or most adult cartoons feel like they are just dick and fart joke after dick and fart joke. Just doesn’t FEEL like an ADULT cartoon also might just use dick and fart jokes or bad slapstick because they just want you watch them and not listen to them. Or mention things around their era that will probably be real dated in the future after the show ends.

This show is about a box of fries called Frylock, a milkshake called Master Shake, and a meatball called Meatwad. At first this show makes you think it’s a detective show but that was just a way to trick you a little into watching it. There’s also their next door neighbor Carl, who’s kind of funny and sometimes tags along in the show since he doesn’t have much to do at his home. Also there’s these Mooninites that mess with the Aqua Teens and Carl every now and then, and the Plutonians as well.

This shows opening song was made by a rapper, Schooly-D, and he later makes cameos in the later seasons in the show. The jokes feel legitimately funny and the acting is done well. They even made a movie out of this show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters, but it was okay. Though Adult Swim made a movie out of a 11 minute stoner cartoon so what were you expecting?

This show also has a heart and soul, doesn’t just have one note characters like some cartoons now. For example there was this one episode where Frylock gets skin cancer and Master Shake, Meatwad, and Carl, try to cheer him up, help him, and are scared he might die. That feels like they’re real people. I feel like if some other show that tries to be mean and not really have a reason for it would go to someone who had that would go, “HA HA, You Have Cancer!”. Just feels like those shows try too hard to be South Park even after an episode of South Park was over, I’m just noticing a pattern with the cartoon shows that were on Comedy Central after South Park.

There’s also an episode called “The Dickesode” and there was all these dicks that were censored with colored bars and after seeing the uncensored version. I am glad when that was on tv it was colored bars and not black bars. They even made a video game called Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am where it’s basically based off on some kind of older game where you golf and there’s ninjas.

Also they made a live action episode where Master Shake was played by H. Jon Benjamin, Frylock was played by rapper T-Pain, Meatwad was played by a yoga ball, and Carl was played by some guy that won a contest for who could play Carl the best. Then after the 100th episode the show reinvented itself as Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, Aqua Something You Know Whatever, Aqua TV Show Show, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever.

There was also this time Adult Swim did this gurella marketing tactic where they put all these light brights of one of the moonenites in Boston. People thought they were bombs and the bomb squads destroyed them all. The artists had to do community service and I’m glad they didn’t go to jail since they weren’t hurting anyone. Though when that happened I was in high school and me and my friends were talking about it. I told them that those people who did the art might not go to jail, I said might since I heard at my high school about a year after 9-11 someone saw anthrax in the school but it was actually baking soda for a dumb prank, the prakers went to jail for that.

I heard the Aqua Teen Hunger Force people tried to make an episode of that bomb scare but Ted Turner demand they stop and said if it’s ever leaked he’ll cancel the show. Though people leaked the unfinished episode online and I guess the show had to end in 2015. With Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever, there was this episode I liked to think WAS the final episode and felt like the show moved on. THEN, the actual last episode was on and it felt kinda mean as a way to end the series but it probably just took advantage of how timeless Aqua Teen Hunger Force is. People still today want this show brought back since it was so good and had a sense they were actually trying. They truly were an Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Big Hero 6 TV Show Review


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Thought this show would be good giving how the animation team, Man of Action, would make this show. Since they have made, Ben 10, Generator Rex, Kim Possible, and even, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Though I wonder about them now after they made Ultimate Spider-Man. Watching Ultimate Spider-Man at first felt like I was watching Family Guy since it had all these cutaway gags when it began. I felt like Peter Parker might have ended up going “You think that’s bad.” when the cutaway gags would start but I’m glad that didn’t happen.

Anyway, this show takes place after the events of the Big Hero 6 movie. Hiro rebuilds Baymax then he and the rest of Big Hero 6 fight these new enemies. There also seem to be this main enemy that seems to have determination while the side enemies but they feel kind of like push overs. By they I mean like they just commit crimes for the sake of it and never seem to try and push Big Hero 6 to it’s fullest.

This show also seems to go back and forth between serious and lighthearted but it feels inconsistent and can have a bit of tone whiplash. Though if you were a fan of the Big Hero 6 movie you can give this show a watch.

The Eric Andre Show Review


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One day I was kind of board and watched one of Eric Andre’s skits about Signfield on YouTube. It was a bit funny and reminded me of The Tom Green Show. So I decided to give the Eric Andre Show a watch on Hulu and binge the whole show. Even though today prank videos are hard to do and be kind of mean if you are not careful. Or you could get in trouble, hurt badly, or nearly killed.

It felt like when watching this I was also getting the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job vibe. Where the jokes can be mindless filler or anti-comedy at times but it doesn’t feel like they didn’t know how comedy works. I’m probably just venting since Big-O Season 3 died for Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job and there was this comment about Tim and Eric, that “Not enough pot in the world would make that show funny”.

There was this one sketch where Eric Andre did a “Reverse Streaking” at a nudist resort. Also, another sketch where his friend tried different pretzel brands and that made me think of my mom since she likes pretzels as well, or used too.

In the end, it feels like Eric Andre is trying too hard to be the next Tom Green. Also like I said about prank videos is that they can be dangerous at times. For me, I at least ask for permission if I do that kind of video in stores. I remember I went to this hardware store to try and do a little video about caulk there to do a “Caulk in the crack” joke. They said no and I’m glad I at least ASKED before doing that because you can get in a lot of trouble and maybe arrested. If you want to watch this, fine, season 5 is coming soon and we will see what Eric Andre has in store this time.

Homefront: The Revolution Review (Spoilers)


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This game is basically a sequel and a soft reboot to the original Homefront game years ago. In this game North Korea or the “Norks” invade America but in this game they end up selling these smartphones and tablets to America and we buy them. They end up having this back door to invade America with the Korean People’s Army (KPA). Though if this ever happened we would never touch what North Korea had since they are thought to hate America at a young age. Also if North Korea tried to invade America they wouldn’t since they couldn’t supply their armed forces for any extend occupation. This almost feels like the game wants the enemy to be China but can’t since China is where most of the profit goes from, at least from movies and video games.

When the game starts it takes place in Boston where your main character Ethan Brady, and these resistance fighters get ambushed. In this interrogation scene this guy says he has a “superpower” where he just points and shoots. Though if he really wanted to, he would shoot the resistance fighters himself. I also livestreamed when I first started this game on the PS4 as well if you want to see it yourself and will show it at the end. After this scene where this guys kills your other fighters, the leader of the resistance frees you and helps you try to stop the Norks after he ends up badly hurt and captured.

Along the way when you meet up the resistance you almost get tortured, since the hero you play is basically mute. Then this other leader and doctor try to help you in this subway that wasn’t on the maps. You then get a gun and later a bunch of other guns that you can take apart and make other ones. After you do these side missions you can then get points to modify your guns. Though it ends up being poorly balanced when you liberate more and more parts of Boston.

The story feels a bit generic and the resistance fighters at times can’t seem to control themselves. That just feels like that lack of self control was the reason this America gave up their freedom for a bunch of tablets and smartphones and might happen today. At the end you can’t go back to liberate the other districts and the ending feels like the “Norks” could just nuke Boston at the end and go on to other cites. There is some DLC after the main story is over but it feels like the damage is already done after all the grinding and bad story.

Here’s my livestream from the PS4.

Also here is the Game Movie if you get a bit board with the game itself.

Sausage Party Review (Spoilers?)


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Was kind of excited at the concept of this movie since there isn’t many adult animated movies anymore now. Even the animated movies for kids can feel like they’re not trying at times. People say “It’s just for kids!” but just because it’s for kids doesn’t mean you don’t have to try. Also saw this pitch meeting sketch from Screenrant just to see what I’m getting into and it feels like this movie is pretty basic for a adult animated cartoon. Onto the review now.

The movie starts with this supermarket and the food sing this song to start the day about going to “The Great Beyond” when they’re chosen. There’s also this sausage named Frank and this bun Brenda who want to have sex but can’t until they get to the great beyond. Then there’s this jar of honey mustard saying that the great beyond is a lie and the gods eat them.

There’s also this douche that’s basically a jerk or a douche as people would put it. Then they meet a bagel that’s Jewish and a falafel that’s Arab and they all make it to the liqueur section of the store. There they meet a Native American whiskey called Fire Water, some grits that’s black and hates crackers, and a Twinkie that’s gay. The fruits are also gay as well and later in the movie there’s this toilet paper and a condom that talk as well. There’s also this taco played by Selma Hayek and she’s a lesbian and likes Brenda. Also this piece of gum that’s kind of like Stephen Hawking too.

Around the end the food find out that the people they thought were gods can die. So they end up killing the people in the store and after that the food has this big orgy. It does’t look that graphic, then again I’ve seen hentai so it felt tame to me. At then end they make this stargate to try and go to the human dimension, maybe hoping for a sequel.

This movie felt okay but I heard behind the scenes the animators were mistreated and forced to work overtime without play. Hearing that it just makes me wonder about the animation industry in general now since people seem to rush this all in. Also seem to rely more on nostalgic cartoon reboots and intellectual properties. The reboots then just feel like they are the exact opposite of when the original or what the cartoon was about and that’s kind of sad. Anyway give this a watch if you want but it doesn’t seem to be TO deep like other adult shows now. There’s just so many food puns and curse words you can say until it gets real old too fast.

Top Gun Review (Spoilers)


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Finally watching this because of the sequel coming soon to theaters as well. I tired to watch this movie on TV but I didn’t pay attention because some stuff is censored. I watched this also with my parents since dad like the jets and dogfights in this movie too. So lets get to the movie.

The movie starts with some text about ace pilots starting out and calling the program Top Gun. Then there’s these jet pilots doing some tests, like if you are locked on by an enemy jet and told not to fire unless the enemy does. This also introduces Maverick and Goose, played by Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards. Maverick is basically the risk taking hot shoot and Goose is his co pilot. After one of the guys, Cougar, quits since he couldn’t handle the lock on test.

Maverick and Goose then go to some bar and Goose tries to get Maverick to hit on some girl in the bar. He gets shot down and later find out she works for Top Gun as well. There’s also this gag where this other guy drinks coffee and Maverick does a fly by near him and he spills it. There’s also this other guy, Iceman, played by Val Kimmer and he’s okay in this. Then there’s this other test where the jets try and stick together but Maverick tries to shot down a fighter. Even though the enemy might just pick you down one by one if you do that.

There’s also this love story between Maverick and that girl in the bar, but we skipped that not only because the girl is a lesbian in real life, the love story kind of feels forced as well. Along the way Maverick and Goose end up burning too much fuel during a test and Goose actives the eject button. Goose ends up hitting his head on the canopy and dies, Maverick is told it wasn’t his or Gooses fault but Maverick feels responsible.

Maverick ends up quitting and then after a bit joins up with Top Gun again. Then the pilots end up going on a mission and along this dog fight Maverick saves Iceman. At the end Maverick ends up want to be an instructor for Top Gun and the movie ends.

This movie felt okay from what people have today now and I hope the sequel does well, hopefully. Just because after Tom Cruise did The Mummy remake for this Dark Universe franchise I don’t know about how he will do now. Watch this yourself if you feel nostalgic or something like that.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review (Spoilers)


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When I finally watched this on Netflix I was a bit worried since the last movie, “The Force Awakens”, felt like more of a retread of “A New Hope”. Though in this movie it felt kind of slow at times and even China thought of that as well. Basically Rey goes to this planet to train with Luke Skywalker but he now wants nothing to do with the force. Even though he brought back balance to the force in the original trilogy.

Also the resistance base is discovered by The First Order, somehow, and the Resistance tries to evacuate everyone they can on their planet. There’s also this scene where Leia gets killed in space and it seems like an amazing send of something since Carrie Fisher died after this movie was done with. Then somehow Leia uses the force to get to a ship and is hospitalized for most of the movie. Then this purple haired lady takes over and it seems like she doesn’t cooperate with others resistance members along this slow chase to some planet. Not even The First Order tires to cut them off from the planet by sending some extra ships along the chase at the planet to ambush them.

While Ray is on this planet with Luke Skywalker she tries to learn some ways of the force, but Luke ends up being kind of tired and grumpy at times. Luke also mentions how he tried to teach Kylo Ren but Luke ended up trying to kill him, since Kylo felt to angry with the force. Feels kind of out of place given Luke’s struggle with the Empire in the original trilogy and how he was going no to bring balance to the force.

Also some of these resistance members try to get help from the thief on a casino planet. Then the thief when freed and then trying to sabotage a main First Order ship ends up betraying the resistance members, kind of making that side story pointless.

Then Rey leaves the planet Luke was on and gets kidnapped by the first Order and gets interrogated by Kylo Ren and this guy Snoke. Kylo and Rey end up killing Snoke and his personal guards. Rey then leaves and helps out the Resistance on this other planet that’s made of salt and has crystal foxes.

Still felt like Ray didn’t know or learn anything with her time training with Luke, feeling pointless as well. As Rey helps the resistance, Kylo ends up being on the salt planet and sees Luke at this entrance to some bunker. As Kylo and Luke fight it’s discovered Luke is force projecting all the way from the planet he is on and dies, feeling like Luke was just there in this movie.

Leia comes out of her stasis chamber and she and Luke I think say goodbye to one another before Luke disappears completely. Then as Rey helps the remaining resistance members leave the salt planet, purple haired lady does this thing with her ship where she rams it into the First Order’s main ship just as she enters hyperspace. Creating this weird and yet beautiful explosion but most of the people on Rey’s ship don’t see it.

In the end this movie felt okay, just felt like some of these scenes dragged or were poorly pasted. Also it felt like Rey didn’t go through any kind of struggle in this movie and f it felt like this was a complete waste of Luke Skywalker. Hope the next movie thought ends up better is all I’m wondering.