Upright Citizens Brigade Review


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Watched this as a kid on Comedy Central when I was about 10 or 11 years old. It wasn’t until I looked them up on YouTube I found out they have their own YouTube page with newer people and skits. I watched a few and some of them were a bit gross, like this one about a tampon commercial where the water they show you is red instead of blue. Thought this made me want to look up the original show so I checked it out through the library but they only had seasons 1 and 2 though there was a 3rd season as well.

Watching this show today it feels okay and surreal but if this show was made today it wouldn’t see the light of day in today’s world of SJWs and PC people. This was also where Amy Poehler was able to get her start before she was on Saturday Night Live. As well as some other side members too like Tina Fey. Upright Citizens Brigade is about this team of people underground trying to create chaos since the dawn of civilization. The more I think about it feels like a balance thing where they create chaos to cut the teeth on order since order can’t exist without chaos. There’s also these prank vids at the end of each episode and those prank videos can be risky if they were made today. I’m sure they weren’t mean pranks but you can never be too sure.

Found out they had a studio for this when they did improvisation and it shut down recently though. I still might want to buy the DVDs since this has surreal humor that some people tried to do in the 90s, like the Adventures of Pete and Pete but more adult overtones. Give these a watch and maybe the new stuff when you can and see if it makes you laugh since I was able to get a few laughs here and there myself from the show.


Reboot: The Guardian Code Review


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Hearing about this reboot of the CGI cartoon in the 1990’s, Reboot. I was excited and hoped it would pick up a bit later after the show ended. Since the original show ended on a cliffhanger that didn’t get a resolution. Instead, we get a Power Rangers rip off show where out the main villain is some dirty hacker called The Sorcerer and he’s pretty typical in this show.

Binged the first season on Netflix and it just seemed okay and the last episode I was a bit excited, but also a bit insulted. Hope this next season, if they make one, gets better and more fleshed out. Though some people on YouTube say it’s getting worse but I’ll give it a watch myself before I think that.

Battlefield 4 Review


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Playing this I thought it was okay, at least for the single player story. The story is about protecting a Chinese VIP and the ending of it all seems kind of dumb and it also has multiple endings. There’s also this scoring system where 100 points if you kill an enemy, 25 for a headshot, though if a teammate gets a kill it’s only 50 points. Which sounds contradictory for when you squad attack commands. Your enemies also seem more focused on shooting you than the rest for your teammates. Though the voice work is pretty good for this story as well as the guy who voices Irish.

The multiplayer at first felt rushed out the door from what I heard. Though I never pre-order games before waiting a bit for the reviews and stuff. Now with all the patches and updates, it’s better now. There’s this thing now in multiplayer called Levelution, where the level can change to add more challenge to the play though. This game was also the first I think to have loot boxes, or battle packs as they call it and they are basically booster packs for your online play. You can use actual money for these to level up quicker, though now today they feel more like pay to win and might encourage gambling at times. EA had this for Battlefront 2 and it blew up in their faces but that’s a different story for another day.

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons Review


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First saw this on either the Shout TV! App or the Tubi TV app, thinking it would just be like Thunderbirds but in different outfits. This was different, the good different, this show first takes place on Mars in 2068 where some people destroy a Martian City. It feels like a misunderstanding but because of that, the Mysterons think of the Earth as a threat.

The Mysterons can recreate an object or person but they have to destroy the original form first. It seems at first the Mysterons have on physical forms so they use Captain Black of SPECTRUM as their agent. The first episode gets everything rolling and explains who Captain Scarlet is and what happened to him.

SPECTRUM is also this organization that combats the Mysterons threats every episode and is who Captain Scarlet works for. They also have a Flying Fortress with a crew and a squad of female jet fighter pilots called “the Angels”.

After the first episode, it’s the established that Captain Scarlet is himself again and is indestructible. Even though when the doctor explains his condition it sounds like he can regenerate than be indestructible. Captain Scarlet ends up being the way to combat the Mysterons when they tell SPECTRUM what the will do.

When the first few episodes were done I was hooked! The story feels dark and the episodes are around 30 minutes which isn’t very long compared to Thunderbirds. Give this a watch when you can since it has the same Thunderbirds animation but a bit of a darker story to it. You can find this on either the Shout tv! App or the Tubi tv app if you don’t mind commercials in the videos.

Freddy Got Fingred Review


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Grew up kind of watching Tom Green and his show. Now to though people say his humor didn’t hold much water and was just annoying you. He did make a movie and it was considered one of the very worst movies of all time. I found this movie on crackle.com though and decided to give it a watch because some of the clips I thought were kinda funny. Even though people attacked this as so bad it’s art, I like to form my own opinions on things.

The movie starts with Tom Green playing Gourd, talking to his drawings hoping to become an animator. I laughed so hard at that since it shows you what you are in for. He then drives to Hollywood to try to get a pitch for his drawings while working at a cheese sandwich factory. The rest is just Gourd doing stupid stuff in there’s this running gag of a kid getting hurt badly.

There’s also some gore in this movie and a scene where Gourd helps someone deliver a baby. I will just say that it was a bit gross and I hope they didn’t use a real baby. Most of this is him just doing stupid stuff and his family just can’t handle it. And his animation pitch later ends up being something called Zebras in America, and Gourd doing this revenge scheme with this father.

I am being a bit vague because I don’t want to spoil the story, just want people to see this to believe it. Although it was pretty graphic and dumb it’s at least rememberable compared to his next movie after this, Stealing Harvard. This movie is free on Crackle.com for now and you can rent this on Amazon or even the google play store. Be warned though this movie is pretty bad, it also got 9 Razzies and the Razzies are the bad movie awards.

Spider-Men Review


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Hearing about the concept of this comic I felt, well, amazed! Having both the Amazing Spider-Man and the Ultimate Spider-Man cross over and meet each other. It was nice to see Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales see his predecessor in a way after what happened to Ultimate Peter Parker. Also, it was nice for amazing Spiderman to interact with some of the Ultimates in the Ultimate universe, which are like the Avengers. Both Spider-Men also try and find this Mysterio that’s probably from another universe and seeing their fears as well.

Peter Parker also visits his ultimate counterparts Aunt May and Gwen Stacy, even Mary Jane in a way. The book ends with Amazing Spider-Man looking up the Miles Morales in his dimension and he is shocked and we don’t know why. That is for Spider-Men 2 for you to find out. Overall this is a pretty good book if you’re a Spider-Man fan of any age and it was good to see both Spider-Men talking and interacting with each other. Even when the Amazing Spider-Man talks a bit with Ultimate Nick Fury as Ultimate Nick Fury felt regret after what happened to Ultimate Peter Parker. Also because at first, he talked down to Ulitmate Peter Parker when he first started out as Spider-Man. From what I read from the comics Ultimate Nick Fury made it sound like when Peter Parker turned 18 he belonged to SHEILD. Almost like he was an object.

The story about Ultimate Spider-Man when I first heard about it was shocking to me but also felt like the ultimate sacrifice. Since this was Spider-Man’s story, he always had something to sacrifice in the long run. Something to choose and even tried to give up being Spider-Man for a time, wanting his own life.

Scrubs Review


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Watch mini-marathons of the show on Comedy Central and then on ABC and ABC. The jokes and could away gags weren’t really that funny and sometimes just pointless filler there almost like family guy. Also half of the time there’s this inner monologue probably to hide the fact there isn’t much dialogue at times.

Does much is I bad talk this show it as good writing as a workplace drama. The thing about these workplace dramas is that you need to balance both work and life outside of work. This is why people joke about Grey’s Anatomy because there’s just a lot of doctors talking about their personal life’s most of the time. Scrubs can be good on and off through the final season for like way too much after what we saw at the end of the previous season.

Space Dandy Review


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Heard this show aired in America before Japan and it was on Adult Swim. Watching this I felt a Cowboy Bebop vibe, since the director did both that and Space Dandy, incorporating a lot of western influences in his works. The show is about this guy Space Dandy finding rare aliens in space in the far future.

I heard you’re not missing much either subbed or dubbed through the robot vacuum cleaner called QT is auto-tuned in the dub so I guess that’s a plus. Then the robot and Dandy meet this cat alien Dandy calls “Meow” and they all go on these amazing adventures. Even though this narration mentions a war between two empires but I didn’t take that to seriously, yet. Dandy also feels like a parade of either Captain Kirk from Star Trek or Zapp Brannigan from Futurama. Though there are some moments where Dandy has depth, also was surprised that in the dub the guy who voices Dandy, also voices Brook in One Piece, Ian Sinclair. He can also sing which is pretty good for people who CAN sing since if you can’t it can be a bit embarrassing.

I watched this on FunimationNow and the show was split into 2 seasons and season 2 is where Dandy is introduced to a lot of new things. The ending I will also say ends up putting everything full circle in a way, even for new viewers as well. Give this a watch if you can is all I have to say for those who like anime with a bit of a western influence is all since this is amazing.


Star Trek: Discovery Review


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Star Trek Discovery image.jpg

First hearing about this show I was excited that it was taking place 10 years before the Original Series. Then I heard of all behind the scenes news that went on and delays. Also that they said they would be taking a page from ”Game of Thrones” where the main characters would be killed off. They were even going to get Michael Dorn for a cameo but he was given a small paycheck. And to top it all off they were going to break one of Gene Roddenberry’s rules about Star Trek, that it shouldn’t get political, even though Deep Space Nine did that. The show was also rated TV-MA but they said “just hardcore PG-13″ but one episode didn’t look like it.

The first episode of this show was on tv but it felt dark and unpleasant. The creators said that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel but it felt like it was trying to be something it clearly wasn’t. I binged the rest of the first season since I didn’t want to pay for CBS All Access every month is all. The last half started to feel more like the Star Trek we knew growing up and at the end of the last episode in the first season made me smile. Also, I hope if some of the characters die in style and dignity and don’t end up getting their heads cut off like in Game of Thrones.

Heard also it will be renewed for a few more seasons and people are going back to watching Star Trek: Enterprise since THAT was trying to be a prequel to the original series at times. It’s a good show so far and I heard the next seasons will be more Star Trek, all I had to say when I heard that is, THANK GOD! Since Star Trek Discovery felt like the J.J. Abrams reboot movies and those get attacked for being more Star Wars than Star Trek.

Lupin the 3rd Series 2 Review


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Looking around at Crunchyroll I found and rediscovered this show. I remembered watching this on Adult Swim late at night and what I didn’t know is that is was part 2 of a show in 4 parts. They also made a movie by Miyazaki that I’ve never seen, yet, that is. As well as a show dedicated to the girl in the gang Fujiko Mine which is on the FunimationNow app.

This show is basically Lupin the 3rd, the grandson of this famous thief, and his gang doing heists around the world instead of just Japan. Also, this Interpol Agent Zenagata that tries to capture them though when he tries to catch Lupin the 3rd it’s like Wiley Coyote trying to catch the roadrunner. They were only able to dub 79 episodes though I might want to watch the rest subbed just to see if the Japanese voices were any good.