Top Gun Review (Spoilers)


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Finally watching this because of the sequel coming soon to theaters as well. I tired to watch this movie on TV but I didn’t pay attention because some stuff is censored. I watched this also with my parents since dad like the jets and dogfights in this movie too. So lets get to the movie.

The movie starts with some text about ace pilots starting out and calling the program Top Gun. Then there’s these jet pilots doing some tests, like if you are locked on by an enemy jet and told not to fire unless the enemy does. This also introduces Maverick and Goose, played by Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards. Maverick is basically the risk taking hot shoot and Goose is his co pilot. After one of the guys, Cougar, quits since he couldn’t handle the lock on test.

Maverick and Goose then go to some bar and Goose tries to get Maverick to hit on some girl in the bar. He gets shot down and later find out she works for Top Gun as well. There’s also this gag where this other guy drinks coffee and Maverick does a fly by near him and he spills it. There’s also this other guy, Iceman, played by Val Kimmer and he’s okay in this. Then there’s this other test where the jets try and stick together but Maverick tries to shot down a fighter. Even though the enemy might just pick you down one by one if you do that.

There’s also this love story between Maverick and that girl in the bar, but we skipped that not only because the girl is a lesbian in real life, the love story kind of feels forced as well. Along the way Maverick and Goose end up burning too much fuel during a test and Goose actives the eject button. Goose ends up hitting his head on the canopy and dies, Maverick is told it wasn’t his or Gooses fault but Maverick feels responsible.

Maverick ends up quitting and then after a bit joins up with Top Gun again. Then the pilots end up going on a mission and along this dog fight Maverick saves Iceman. At the end Maverick ends up want to be an instructor for Top Gun and the movie ends.

This movie felt okay from what people have today now and I hope the sequel does well, hopefully. Just because after Tom Cruise did The Mummy remake for this Dark Universe franchise I don’t know about how he will do now. Watch this yourself if you feel nostalgic or something like that.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review (Spoilers)


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When I finally watched this on Netflix I was a bit worried since the last movie, “The Force Awakens”, felt like more of a retread of “A New Hope”. Though in this movie it felt kind of slow at times and even China thought of that as well. Basically Rey goes to this planet to train with Luke Skywalker but he now wants nothing to do with the force. Even though he brought back balance to the force in the original trilogy.

Also the resistance base is discovered by The First Order, somehow, and the Resistance tries to evacuate everyone they can on their planet. There’s also this scene where Leia gets killed in space and it seems like an amazing send of something since Carrie Fisher died after this movie was done with. Then somehow Leia uses the force to get to a ship and is hospitalized for most of the movie. Then this purple haired lady takes over and it seems like she doesn’t cooperate with others resistance members along this slow chase to some planet. Not even The First Order tires to cut them off from the planet by sending some extra ships along the chase at the planet to ambush them.

While Ray is on this planet with Luke Skywalker she tries to learn some ways of the force, but Luke ends up being kind of tired and grumpy at times. Luke also mentions how he tried to teach Kylo Ren but Luke ended up trying to kill him, since Kylo felt to angry with the force. Feels kind of out of place given Luke’s struggle with the Empire in the original trilogy and how he was going no to bring balance to the force.

Also some of these resistance members try to get help from the thief on a casino planet. Then the thief when freed and then trying to sabotage a main First Order ship ends up betraying the resistance members, kind of making that side story pointless.

Then Rey leaves the planet Luke was on and gets kidnapped by the first Order and gets interrogated by Kylo Ren and this guy Snoke. Kylo and Rey end up killing Snoke and his personal guards. Rey then leaves and helps out the Resistance on this other planet that’s made of salt and has crystal foxes.

Still felt like Ray didn’t know or learn anything with her time training with Luke, feeling pointless as well. As Rey helps the resistance, Kylo ends up being on the salt planet and sees Luke at this entrance to some bunker. As Kylo and Luke fight it’s discovered Luke is force projecting all the way from the planet he is on and dies, feeling like Luke was just there in this movie.

Leia comes out of her stasis chamber and she and Luke I think say goodbye to one another before Luke disappears completely. Then as Rey helps the remaining resistance members leave the salt planet, purple haired lady does this thing with her ship where she rams it into the First Order’s main ship just as she enters hyperspace. Creating this weird and yet beautiful explosion but most of the people on Rey’s ship don’t see it.

In the end this movie felt okay, just felt like some of these scenes dragged or were poorly pasted. Also it felt like Rey didn’t go through any kind of struggle in this movie and f it felt like this was a complete waste of Luke Skywalker. Hope the next movie thought ends up better is all I’m wondering.

The Thing From Another World Review (Spoilers)


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Just so people know I saw John Carpenter’s remake of this on the sci-fi channel before I saw this original movie. I didn’t even know it was a remake until a bit later from cinemassacre. Checked out the original movie out at the library to compare and contrast. This movie was based on a sci-fi book called “Who Goes There?” and in the book the alien is a shapeshifter. Where in this movie it is a vegetable that feeds off of blood.

Watching this movie had a lot of talking parts in it until the monster showed up. What is amazing about this movie is that it takes place in the Antarctic wastes, where if you try to call for help or run, it will be a while before someone comes to rescue you, making you feel stranded.

Around the end one of the scientists tries to reason with the thing but the other people end up burning the thing to death. In the end, they say to “Watch the skies.” before the credits roll and at the end, this film seemed okay compared to John Carpenter remake of the movie. Since there was a lot of other movies with the sci-fi feel they had a better message in the 1950s, like “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. This movie still made me like John Carpenter’s the thing even more because of the intense suspense the movie gives you, even at the end. Give it a watch if you like those 1950’s sci-fi movies in the end.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters 2019 (Spoilers) Review


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Watched this at the movie theater a while ago and was surprised at all the monsters they had in this movie that were in the TOHO movies. Also was surprised that King Kong was also mentioned in this since I thought that Kong: Skull Island wasn’t related to the Godzilla movie in 2014. In this, though it takes place 5 years after the 2014 Godzilla movie and the monster research group Monarch trying to search and study the monsters after Godzilla attack and King Kong was discovered.

It is then discovered that this lady created a machine that can talk and control the monsters or Titans as the people in this movie all them. Then the lady and her daughter, after awaking Mothra, are captured my Eco terrorists to awaken the rest of the Titans on earth frozen in ice. Along the way the lady’s father is called in my monarch to help stop the lady with the Titan device known as Orca.

After awaking a Titan known as Monster Zero, or King Gidorah, She mentions to the guy that the Titans might actually help the world since humans destroyed the planet and the Titans might restore the planet to the original state it was in. It doesn’t make sense but this movie is more about the monster than careter development. There’s thenthis fight between Godzilla and Kind Gidorah and it establishes that King Gidorah gets his power from electricity for his blasts.

After that Monarch goes to Mexico because Rodan has awakened and King Ghidorah goes there as well. Godzilla also tries to fight King Ghidorah and King Ghidorah loses ahead but then it grows back after a bit. When Godzilla and King Ghidorah fight there was also all these bright flashes and quick cuts. I had to close my eyes a bit as well and was glad I didn’t get a seizure from all of that.

The military tries using the oxygen destroyer to kill Rodan, Godzilla, and King Ghidorah, but it fails to kill King Ghidorah, probably because he’s from space or something like that. I don’t know, I went to the bathroom when they were going to explain why it didn’t work on him. As King Ghidorah makes his way to Boston since the lady scientists daughter took the Orca to try to lure him there.

The Monarch team then tries to find Godzilla to help combat King Ghidorah and find this ancient civilization where Godzilla is hiding in underwater. Along the way Mothra finally hatches from cocooning and we hear the Mothra song which sounds pretty good. Back at the underwater civilization they try to find a way to invigorate Godzilla by using some nukes from the submarine they’re in. It works and Godzilla ends up defeating Ghidoriah and Rodan with help from Mothra.

At the end the other monsters show up and bow to him to pay respect. The credits roll and it starts with the Godzilla song from Blue Oyster Cult but with a new song. This movie was okay but the monster fights were amazing and the movie put more time on the monsters then human element. If you want to see this for the monsters, go right ahead, but don’t except a good story.

Steamboy Review


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Wasn’t too sure about this movie and thought it would be a steampunk Akira. Since the maker of this movie also did the Akira movie and The movie was advertised as that, but it wasn’t. Chose to watch the dubbed version when I first watched this since Patrick Stewart was one of the voice actors in this show. Him and everyone else for the dub felt a bit rushed at times though.

The plot of the movie is that steam boy’s father is trying to get one of the three steam balls to operate this flying castle machinery. Thinking if he produces more war machines he’ll be able to progress humanity further than before. Though his grandfather thinks it will just lead to more death, pain, and destruction, and took one of the steam balls to prevent that. At the end it’s kind of the “War is bad” message and in the credits it shows steam boy and his lady friend growing up a bit.

The stream ball is really a thing and it’s called something else. I’ll leave a Wikipedia link at the end of this review if you want to see the steam ball yourself. I heard this movie didn’t do too well in theaters and it took the director 10 years to make because of the animation. Bennett the Sage also mentioned this recently as well and it made me want to finish up this review as well. Give this movie a watch but it isn’t steampunk Akira if your thinking it’s that.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Review (Spoilers Maybe?)


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Thought about this movie from 1999 for a few weeks now since the main plot feels kind of true for reality tv, contests, and game shows today at times. I’ll tell you a bit later in this review and you’ll know what I’m saying. This movie is a black comedy mockumentary about this Minnesota town and it’s high school Beauty pageant it’s going to have. Only a handful show up and along the way someone tries to kill off the contestants one by one.

One of the contestants is a young Kirsten Dunst before the Spider-man movies. Another is this anorexic girl from last years contest in some hospitals eating disorders ward. People in this movie keeps saying if they’re on Cops which is a bit of a joke in the end. Near the end when it’s found out who was killing all these girls it’s a bit shocking. Then there’s the pageant State finals and most of the contestants get food poisoning and there’s this big scene of all the other contestants throwing up. Kirstin Dunst ends up winning since she didn’t eat the food there.

At the end where the winners of this pageant go to this make up place that promoted the beauty pageant. Sadly the make up place was shut down after problems with tax evasion around the time of the documentary, permanently. Then all the other contestants go crazy and attack the building but Kirstin Dunst just gets back on the bus, showing self control and being calm through it all. Then the movie explains what happened to the runner up in the pageant, the killer, and Kirstin Dunst, then it ends.

What really gets me is not only the dark humor, how overly competitive people can be, and it’s also PG-13. The story also felt a bit realistic since a lot of people in these contests, reality tv, and even game shows can be overly competitive even though it’s just a contest. They have other accomplishments and stuff to fall back on if they lose this and it isn’t important. You can give this a watch on Hulu since it popped up recently and is considered to have a cult following.

Lazor Wulf Review


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First seeking this on Adult Swim I thought it would be an action sci-fi animated show. It’s actually a kind of an urban stoner animated comedy about a wolf with a laser on his back and was made by this guy Henry Bonsu. When I was watching this I thought the visuals were pretty colorful. The characters like Lazer Wolf, Canon Wulf, Blazor Wulf, King Yeti, and Stupid Horse, are kind of weird but that’s stoner comedy at times.

Sometimes I felt like this was just going to mindless, mean, and nasty just for the sake of it all but it wasn’t. What I like about the show is the visuals and how some of the characters aren’t the frustrating stupid we see always on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney, were they just keep doing dumb stuff over and over all the time.

The visuals seem bright and colorful and its kind of funny how all the people in this show speak in a way that is like jive. Hopefully this show might get another season since I’m game for what Lazor Wulf has in store next time.

Watch Dogs 2 Review (Spoilers)


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Playing this it just felt like Grand Theft Auto, but your a hacker, though I understand what this series is about, corporations using your identity online to judge you before they even actually meet you. After that explanation and how a bunch of these hackers called DedSec unite to stop the corporations. The game actually starts in San Francisco, and there’s all these side missions with the guy you play to help you gain experience points.

Some of these side missions feel like just dumb pranks but there was a few side missions where these hackers showed humanity. Like this one side mission where you save a business guy from committing suicide since people said they found pictures of him cheating on his wife online. The guy you play finds out that was just Photoshop and they save the business guy before he actually ends it all. Seeing that I just felt like “More of that please!” since hackers get attacked for being trolls and deviants. Thinking since they can understand computers very well they think they have ultimate power. Even though someone else could just take the ultimate power if someone gets cocky or clumsy from the ultimate power. Power corrupts is all I’m saying.

That also reminded me when some hackers saw animal abuse on one of those 4Chan websites and they were able to zero in on where they lived and they called the cops on them. That just taught me that some hackers have humanity in them and aren’t just a bunch of trolls and deviants. You can correct me if I didn’t get that quite right.

Along the way you infiltrate “not Google”, “not Scientology”, and encounter another hacker that kind of looks like Kimdotcom. There’s also some missions were you meet another hacker as well as losing someone in these “Info Wars”, as I like to call this at times.

In the end level it made me think the hackers won, but the corporations might of just pressed the reset button on all of it. Just because Watch Dogs: Legion will come out soon and I just think it will be Watch Dogs in Britain. The multiplayer for Watch Dogs 2 was okay when I was playing it. Some people pop up every now and then but it feels like it didn’t last very long. This is also another reason at times I just watch those game movies instead. Just so you want to just see how the story goes since the game play might be pretty bad. Here’s the game movie to the game in case you just want to see how the story goes.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Review (Spoilers)


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I wasn’t sure about watching this sinse I have seen World’s Finest, the Batman Superman cartoon crossover back when I was watching Toonami as a kid. Only really wanted to watch this as a compare and contrast between the cartoon crossover and this live action movie.

I was a bit disinterested since these live action DC films now get attacked for being too dark and unpleasant. Just feels like these movies don’t know want they want to be is all. This movie starts out with young Bruce Wayne watching his parents killed like in the original origin of Batman. He’s played by Ben Affleck, though I have nothing against him but Hollywood says he’s kind of a jerk but correct me if I’m wrong, since I’m not sure. The movie then shows Bruce Wayne in Metropolis during the big fight between Superman and Zod from the last Superman movie, Man of Steel. Bruce loses some people from his company in the crossfire between Superman and Zod and this somehow makes Bruce hate Superman.

Then the movie goes on with Superman story where Lois Lane goes to some African nation and Superman ends up saving her from getting killed. Also where someone finds kryptonite, a mineral that can kill Superman, somewhere in the ocean. After that there becomes this elaborate plot to try to frame Superman for murder or something like that and it starts with the African nation. This part of the movie felt a bit too intricate is all. Also Lex Luthor is played by someone else that looks like he could be his son and he just feels like the Joker but if he was a redhead. Also kind of felt like Lex in this movie has no reason to hate Superman since after Man of Steel, Lex rebuild most of Metropolis.

Along the way Wonder Woman makes a cameo which is a bit out of place since this is supposed to be Batman vs Superman and not Batman versus Superman vs Wonder Woman. Though along the way Batman gets a vision of what might be the future or if the Injustice video game became a movie. Basically where Superman man conquers the world after losing Lois Lane and the Flash’s future self tells Batman to create the Justice League to stop that future.

After Lex Luthor, takes Superman’s mother hostage, he tries to get Batman for help but they end up fighting a bit until Superman mentions his mother’s name and Batman has a change of heart since it was her mother’s name too. Then Lex Luthor somehow makes Doomsday out of Zod’s DNA and from his, and this Doomsday doesn’t feel quite right since in the comics he was supposed to be this super powerful alien. Also he didn’t look like him and just his big grey monster and didn’t have all these spikes on him. Though there is this scene or after he’s nuked he sheds his skin but that’s about it. Then Doomsday somehow can fly and get laser vision even though I didn’t think that was how he was he was just supposed to be this big Powerhouse of strength.

After the big fight somehow Doomsday and Superman get killed but it feels like we barely knew Superman when this happens, also he ends up coming back in Justice League as well anyway. At the end Batman emails, the Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg, to put together the Justice League.

This movie felt okay but I already knew that feeling how these movies have been going now. In the end it just kind of feels like now Hollywood is choosing and doing more of this style over substance with movies. Also feels like they are overpaying for the effects and actors instead of having a good story or good writing. There’s this Ultimate Edition of the movie with more scenes to explain things but it might be a way just for people to buy the DVD or Blu-Ray instead. I feel like if you want to see a better Batman vs Superman crossover, just see Worlds Finest. I might even do a review about THAT then this movie.

Daybreakers Review (Spoilers)


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When I first heard about this movie when it came out I thought it was just trying to catch onto the vampire craze after Twilight came out. To those of you who don’t know, Daybreakers is about this near future where something happens and the world is mostly vampires. There’s also this story were vampire kind is running out of blood soon and trying to make a substitute for the blood crisis. Something about if they don’t find any more blood they’ll go feral and mad. Always wondered about this problem with Zombies and Vampires, where what if they kept eating and eating until there was nothing is left to eat

This move stars this vampire hematologist played by Ethan Hawke, who though the human resistance, finds out a cure for vampirism. Along the way, he helps out the human resistance and meets their leader played by William Defoe. The resistance leader mentions something about when he was a vampire, he was in the sun, burning, and then landed in the water and that somehow cured him.

Along the way, the vampire guys brother tails him and gets the vampire government to follow him to protect vampire kind. Vampire guy helps the human resistance and helps them buy is covered in a wet blanket and being exposed to sunlight. After a few times, it works and vampire guy is now human. Then after that, the vampire government then gets the feral vampires and puts them out in the sunlight to burn I think as a way to not sympathize with the human resistance.

Then vampire guy tries to reason with his brother but ends up biting and turning the resistance leader. Vampire guy goes to his business place where he worked to try to reason with his boss, played by Sam Neill. His boss tries to turn the hematologist guy back into a vampire but it backfires and ends up turning him human as well as the human resistance leader. Since when your back to being a human it’s permanent even when you try to turn them back into vampires. At the end what’s left of the human resistance gets in a car riding into the sunset promising a cure and having hope.