Rick and Morty Review (Spoilers)


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Recently I binged this whole show to catch up with the current season now and I first thought it was going to be one of those shows that are just mean for the sake of mean. Without having an actual reason or method to the madness to it all shows like that don’t last very long at times. This was based on some old web cartoon that parodies Doc Brown and Marty from Back to the Future.

This show is about this guy Rick who disappeared 20 years ago and his grandson Morty who goes on these intergalactic adventures. Morty’s parents, Beth, Jerry, and his sister Summer seem to be okay with this and don’t wonder where Rick went those 20 years for some reason. Also, they seem to be fine just letting Rick take his grandson to all these out of this world adventures.

Rick is this amoral mad scientist that’s the smartest man in the universe with enemies lurking around every corner. Rick later explains he takes Morty to all these adventures as a way to mask himself so people don’t find him. Something about since Rick is a Genius and Morty is kind of dumb it masks him even though people say Rick is actually Morty’s future self and that’s why he’s being taken to all these adventures. In the episode where they mention that there’s this citadel of Rick and Morty’s and a council of Ricks but so for they all look the same. By that I mean in shape and size and it might just be an excuse to have the same character design and we don’t even get a robotic Rick and Morty that can only speak in dub step or a Steampunk Rick and Morty. That just seems more imaginative is all to me at times.

There ends up being this bit of plot progression at the end of season 1 and season 2 where Rick’s friend, Birdperson. Mentions Rick’s catchphrase “Wuba lub dub dub” means in Birdperson’s language “I am in great pain, please help me.” but it seems like if someone wants help, they need to want to have help. Since in later seasons, Rick seems to get darker and darker. Rick is kind of mean and cruel not just because he can but because if something really bad happens to the earth, he can just use his portal gun to go to another universe where another Rick and Morty died. Basically, he does this kind of stuff since the multiverse is infinite but I wonder if there will be some kind of episode arc near the end of the show where all of reality is at stake, like in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event comic, but I doubt it.

The rest of Morty’s family like his parents Beth and Jerry seem to always be arguing all the time and it just feels very annoying at times. Beth is a horse surgeon while Jerry is unemployed and is kinda spineless and wimpy, but I don’t know if it’s him or people just cutting him down to feel better about themselves and it’s getting to him. Morty’s sister Summer grows a little as a character but there are also all these mentions where she pees herself but it kind of feels like someone’s into watersports or something in the behind the scenes of the show.

Rick says also that he doesn’t want to do time travel, but I think it’s so those testicle monsters from the 4th dimension don’t find him. I like to call those testicle monsters “the 4D people” since they live in the 4the dimension. Those 4D people also keep a watch on lifeforms trying to use time travel and they’re immortal so they don’t care about getting killed. There’s also these episodes where Rick and Morty watch inter-dimensional cable and see all these other dimensions and realities. Some just felt kind of dark to me and weren’t really that funny. At the end of season 2 Rick and the family go to Birdpersons homeworld where Birdperson gets married it turns out his wife is some spy for these aliens and she nearly kills everyone. Rick and his family try running away to some different planets but Rick decides to stop running and turns himself in to this empire these aliens had. The aliens also conquer earth and the aliens just keep giving all the humans these reward metals and some kind of pills to always take. Feels like a little jab at the all participation trophies and medications that people are given at time just to either numb themselves from stress and be rewarded for just existing.

Then when season three starts these aliens try to poke into Rick’s head to look into his past and try to get his portal technology. Even though those aliens could just do the portal tech themselves. Since you can into another dimension by trying to find it’s different vibrational plane or something like that. Then there’s this reference to this Szechuan sauce from McDonalds when the movie Mulan came out. In real life the Rick and Morty fan-base went crazy for this sauce even though I heard it’s just soy sauce and teriyaki sauce mixed together. I also heard it wasn’t even that good and now it feels like if you want to try that Szechuan sauce you can just make it yourself.

Then it turns out Rick gets out of his prison and destroys the alien empire and the aliens seemed to be worse than humanity after they’re economy is destroyed. At the end of this episode it feels like Rick still can’t accept the absurd, at least that’s what this YouTube channel called Wisecrack that explains these shows. I’ll link their channel and maybe their Rick and Morty playlist as well.

In the 3rd season it seems that Beth and Jerry go though this trial separation after the empire left. Also there’s this episode about those Marvel Avengers movies which Rick tests them like in Saw but near the end it feels like the lady, Supernova, was broken since Rick got to her. Also fells like a little jab at the Marvel movies since they’re to safe and Rick was just trying to give them challenges to sharpen them. Then at the end of season 3 Rick tells Beth that she can be cloned and see the multiverse if she doesn’t want her life but can still stay on earth. I was also wondering where Beth’s mother is in all of this and why Beth doesn’t tell her mom Rick is back. It’s also just weird since she just seemed to bend the knee to Rick taking Morty to all these adventures and seems to be real cruel when you watch this episode “The ABC’s of Beth”.

Season 4 though I think Rick is starting to lose it with all the adventures he and Morty goes on since Morty is getting tired of these antics he and Rick go on. I’m saying that because I saw these episodes Rattlestar Ricklactica where Morty tries to help out a snake planet after getting bit by a snake in outer space, the end is pretty shocking to me since Rick never went that far into punishing Morty. Also The Vat of Acid episode felt really dark than the usual Rick and Morty stuff and I feel like soon there will be a boiling point to their relationship.

There’s also this so called Evil Morty who seems to be planing something. Maybe changing the balance of powers or preparing the citadel and the other Rick and Mortys for that Crisis I mentioned but I still doubt it. There’s 70 episodes of this show and I wonder if near the end of this series there will be this big climatic ending but maybe not. I also wonder if there will be a crossover between Rick and Morty, and the show Solar Opposites, they’re made by the same creators.

Watching this show it felt pretty mean though maybe because I can’t quite understand dry humor at times. Sometimes the writing or the show was written by teenage trying to be edgy at times but it just gets depressing to always hear “Nothing matters and everybody is going to die.” all the time. Also not to mention the toxic fan-base Rick and Morty has at times and toxic fan-bases worry me since it feels like they need to focus on other things at time. If those people say I’m wrong and go all rabid and troll me it only proves my point.

As much as I bad talk this show it has potential but it also kind of feels like it lacks focus at times. Also because they use so many references and 4th wall breaks it feels like sooner or later they will have to create or make something on their own. Since theirs so many 4th wall breaks until people go “Pointing out your problems won’t make them go away.” and references until you reach the bottom of the barrel.

Here’s Wisecracks YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/thugnotes

Also the Rick and Morty Wisecrack playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLghL9V9QTN0h6LUzveyvWsglmSAi7EjPh

Car Wash Movie Review (Spoilers?)


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I remember when watching “I Love the 70s” on VH1 a long time ago I heard about the car wash song and that it was based on a movie. I even wanted to try and work at one the car wash places around here where I live but I never really saw the movie until I watched it on demand to see what it was all about.

This movie starts off with 1970s Los Angeles and a bunch of guys who work at the car wash. It’s surprising how car wash places used to hand wash the car or put it through a cycle where you can watch it go by. Today now you just go in along with the wash cycle.

This movie is mostly just a bunch of people who hang out at the car wash and work there. There’s also a taxi driver and a preacher played by George Carlin and Richard Pryor, they’re not in this movie much just so you’ll know. Also, there is this hooker who gets dressed in the car wash bathroom at times as well they even mention a pop bottle Bomber but nothing really comes of it in the movie. The end though at night worried me a bit though it didn’t end too badly from what I saw.

Anyway, this movie seemed like a nice little movie from the 70s and the soundtrack is amazing. You can give it a watch if you want just a little laugh for escapism or what life was back then, “can you dig?”.

Black Panther Movie Review (Spoilers)


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I didn’t get a chance to watch this in theaters and heard this won 3 Oscars as well for music, costume design, and production design. So I watched this recently on Disney+ to see how it was and it seemed okay a bit. Watching the an I wondered why they weren’t explaining what Vibranium was or what it does exactly. The opening explains how Wakanda was able to get the Vibranium and why they stood in hiding for so long until recently.

Then the movie starts in the past at Oakland, California, where these two black guys with some guns and stuff. Then some Wakandain lady soldiers come in and the previous Black Panther T’Challa’s father. Since his brother stole some Vibranium to help out the city somehow and the other guy was spying on him. T’Challa’s father ends up killing his brother and it flash’s forward to the present where T’Challa helps some people in motherland Africa from a slave trade. When liberating the slaves T’Challa encounters a past girlfriend and after that he goes back to Wakanda for the trials to be king.

When doing so this Gorilla or Yeti tribe chooses to fight T’Challa and he is given this weird potion to power himself down so there’s a fair fight. Kind of weird since why would they have something like that. T’Challa defeats the Gorilla tribe’s leader and T’Challa is king now, T’challa then does this spirit journey as a way to do some soul searching. After we go to this scene where Killmonger and Klaw steal some Vibranium in this museum. Klaw is this guy who stole Vibranium a long time ago and has this robotic hand that shoots sonic waves.

Back in Wakanda T’Challa and the committee decide to find Klaw and his last whereabouts were that he’s in South Korea. They end up capturing Klaw with help from a US Agent as well. Then Killmonger breaks Klaw out and in the crossfire the US agent gets hurt badly and T’challa takes the US agent to Wakanda to heal him. When the US agent gets healed T’challa mentions that opening scene in the movie and that it was about his father and uncle and how his uncle fell in love with an american women and had a kid with her. T’challa’s father ends up killing his brother but for some reason they don’t try to find his kid and just leave him there. That kid ends up being Killmonger somehow as well.

Later Killmonger ends up killing Klaw and goes to Wakanda showing Klaw’s body and that he killed him. After that Killmonger goes to the council meeting to show them and T’challa that he is descended from the throne. T’challa also helps out the US agent get medical treatment as well in Wakanda. Killmonger demands that he and T’challa do that ritual fight to be the king even though T’challa doesn’t have to do that. T’challa ends up doing the ritual fight with Killmonger, during this fight Killmonger wins and he really didn’t cheat for anything like that. T’challa is then thrown off this waterfall and presumed dead, Then Killmonger takes the throne and after his spirit journey or something like that and then destroys the plants that give the rulers of Wakanda their powers.

Killmonger plans to send the Vibranium to all these street kids as a way to change the balance of powers. Though this whole idea of giving the rest of the world Vibranium at times feels like it would cause more harm to the world and even to each other as a people. Plus this movie doesn’t explain what Vibranium does, or if they run out of it, and is more like a device for the plot to go forward. Or what will happen when Wakanda runs out of Vibranium and that was a story for this comic called “The Future Foundation” from awhile ago. Just feels like that’s all they have and if you rely on a resource too much it will run out eventually.

Then T’challa’s mother, sister, and that US agent, try to find T’challa’s body and is found at the Gorilla or Yeti tribe’s village. T’challa’s family gives him the last of that Vibranium plant while he’s in the show like cold therapy. They then go back to Wakanda to stop the Vibranium from being shipped around the world and US agent remotely pilots a fighter ship to shoot the other ships with the Vibranium.

Then there’s this ground fight between Black Panther’s army and Killmonger’s army and there’s also these war rhinos as well. Then at some point Black Panther and Killmonger fight each other in CGI with their armors but it feels like Black Panther is fighting Black Panther. At the end of the fight I thought there would be something like Black Panther beats up Killmonger but doesn’t kill him as a way to break the endless cycle of violence like their parents. I was wrong, Black Panther ends up killing Killmonger and after that T’challa ends up going to where Killmonger lived in Oakland and makes a community center there. He also opens up boarders to Wakanda to the rest of the world.

This movie felt, okay, it’s just that sometimes these Disney Marvel movies seem to formulaic and too clean. Just feels like you need to be a bit deeper at times instead of this woke writing since that is all it is, on the surface. People have layers and sometimes there is ulterior motives and not just “because I felt like it” at times. It just feels like at times the deeper, complex, writing for these shows seems to be gone but I like to have a little faith in those days.

America Vol. 1: The Life and Times of America Chavez Review (Spoilers)


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Just so people know I read this without any knowledge of who America Chavez was when reading this. Also just wanted to look into this series since they’re giving this character another series but the SJW’s kept whining about how her butt looked too sexy from the new design she’ll have. What’s next? Is her hair going to be too sexy? what about her nipples, her eyes, or everything else? Though these SJW’s seem to always whine about everything thinking somehow if they whine enough they will be rewarded for it.

This comic starts with some hero’s saying how great America Chavez is and that she is the future. Not sure who’s future since it sounds like later in this comic shes from another dimension or planet were there’s only women. Basically I’m not sure if shes THE future or A future since she seems not from this world. America Chavez is basically a Puerto Rican Supergirl who can also create these star portals that can go to other dimensions or other places in time.

After America fights this weird energy monster on this planet Maltixa, near her home the Utopian Parallel. America just punches it and it goes away then after that America goes to New York City to be with her lesbian girlfriend. She tells America that she isn’t going with her and America gets all defensive. Since America thought them both going was THEIR decision but she just wanted her to be happy but America still gets defensive.

America meets up with Kate Bishop, the 2nd Hawkeye, even though the comic said she was the first, but she wasn’t, the 1st Hawkeye was a man, Clint Barton. Turns out America’s college she’s going to is an inter dimensional college, and that’s a thing. She the tries to get recruited into this sorority but declines and goes to her class.

When she gets there the teacher tires to give her a challenge but then one of the students solves it for her, some mutant or avenger called Prodigy. Then America goes “What in the holy menstruation are you doing here?” that just feels inappropriate since shes talking about lady parts in public place. It’s not like men go “What the sperm are you doing here?” since that feels and sounds incredibly out of place.

They also mention how her parents sacrificed their lives to protect the multiverse in all but America keeps calling her parents her moms. It’s just that it sounds off and she could of just called them her “parents” instead of her “moms” but I guess it’s that “Girl Power!” or that “Destroy the Patriarchy!” bull crap.

Prodigy then shows America a time machine called the Wayback, he says he isn’t sure if it works to well but America uses it and goes back in time to World War 2 Germany. She checks her phone while there and Captian America shows up then America punches Hitler and he’s okay somehow and isn’t dead. Hitler is then escorted back to a Nazi base and Captain America tells America Chavez to stand down and does, and I am glad since I thought she might of went “You can’t control me!” and punched him. Anyway then Peggy Carter and America talk a bit in some bunker and then Nazis break into the bunker but this is all just to tell the audience that Peggy Cater says America Chavez is great. After that America goes back to her dimension, present day, and blames her New York girlfriend for leaving her even though America left her. Then before some lecture she talks about privilege even though America as super strength, durability, and can create star portals, so this feels REALLY out of place. The lecture is from this little black girl Moongirl who said shes the smartest person in Marvel even though there’s also Reed Richards. She wonders why school days are 8 hours long even though she could google it and why she can’t vote. Why she can’t is because she’s still 8 and needs to grow up more to understand the the world and the rules even though shes says the rules are just there to keep you down and obey. Even though the rules are there for a reason as a kid, and as a hero to set an example, so people can understand the rules, and so you can be a sense of hope for the fight.

Somehow after that America says she can travel though time somehow and then these weird robot rich white kids start attacking. She and that sorority stop them and then the robots kidnap Prodigy. After that it all is taken care of screen and these women she saved from that energy monster kidnap her ex and America goes and tries to save her even though SHE broke up with HER.

America then mentions how after her parents disappeared she went to earth and learned about all the Latin people and their cultures. Ends up kind of explained why she’s such a hothead since shes trying to find herself a bit. America goes to the 1980’s to defeat the Juggernaut and meet Storm from back then just to tell the audience of how great America Chavez is. Storm also tells America to calm down, think before you act, and not just punch the bad people and ask questions later. Even though she kind of feels like most millennial’s who can be just egotistical and think they don’t need any man or older person to teach them something. Which is and sounds incredibly ungrateful since you need more than just all of that and sometimes need the help of others.

Then America goes back to her world in the present where that energy monster attacked and has came back. It’s clever since this teaches America to think before she acts but then she goes back in time to just incapacitate the energy being and they put it in some cage. Feels also like a bad excuse to do a redo and somehow America doesn’t create a time paradox from crossing her own timeline. Kind of wondering if this ends up creating something even worse because of the butterfly effect, where you go into the past it will rewrite the present, but it doesn’t. Then this elderly lady takes America to this pocket dimension and she’s either her grandmother or her future self, maybe. The elderly lady tells her that she sent America to help her learn some life lessons but America just takes off again for some reason, not wanting anything to do with her. America then leaves and goes to earth to meet up with Kate Bishop in the desert.

Then they talk about the patriarchy and work out a lot. Then the day after they go to meet up with one of America’s ex girlfriends that’s a MMA fighter. America ends up getting kidnapped by her ex since Arcade is holding her father hostage. Then America’s grandmother and Kate Bishop save the ex’s father and defeat Arcade and his stone monsters. After that America and her grandmother end up going into one of these star portals probably from some training or something like that. Then at the end it goes to that college from another dimension where these this lady the Exterminatrix talks about planning to kill America.

Reading this from my Hoopla app it just felt like America Chavez was one of those self entitled SJWs who are trying to be independent but come of as a stubborn jerk afraid to ask for help. I even heard there was this one SJW who sued someone from saving them from drowning and that was an actual thing that happens. I was also able to get a sum up of the 6 issues from this guy who reviewed this comic on YouTube, Micah Curtis, and I’ll link his profile in the end. I didn’t plagiarize I just wanted to get the just of it all.

I also wonder if I post this that the SJWs will get all angry and say I’m wrong. Or worse, find where I live and protest at my home, or worse throw their used tampons, mud, or their actual crap at me. If they do I will just see them and wonder, “And you called ME the savage.”.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) Review (Spoilers?)


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I wasn’t too sure about this reboot of the Modern Warfare franchise since Call of Duty now seemed more about the multiplayer than the single player campaign story now. Also don’t even get me started on the lootboxes they have now. I’ll be reviewing the single player campaign story mostly since the multiplayer seems kinda bad, something about there’s too much “camping” were you just hide somewhere and just shoot the other team when they’re around.

The campaign starts where someone steals these trucks full of chemical weapon drums and the American army checks it out. The story also goes to Britain where some SAS soldiers a new guy and Modern Warfare’s legendary, Captain Price, try and stop some terrorists. Then theirs a later mission where they go to this loft to do a room clear for terrorists and it creates a lot of suspense. The American story then takes place in a middle eastern country I’m just going to call Whateverstan, and you an a resistance fighter go incognito since Whateverstan is under Russian control and I will get to that part soon.

Then you end up fighting this other terrorist group that Whateverstan created after the Russians invaded. You capture the terrorist group leader and later the terrorists rally and invade the American embassy while the SAS solders tag along for a joint operation. The terrorists end up getting their leader back and then the next level takes place at The Highway of Death. The resistance group blames Russia for the highway of death but I heard America had a part in it too but they don’t seem to acknowledge it in the game. Just feel like that whole “America is never wrong!” propaganda at times even though we can be. At the end it turns out the resistance group took the chemical weapons to attack the Russians.

After that there’s this flashback where the resistance group leaders, a brother, and sister, witnessed Russia attacking Whateverstan when they were kids. The Russians found this offensive since in the game when they attacked Whateverstan it takes place a few years after the Cold War was over. Then these two end up killing a Russian solider who breaks in their home while the Russian military gases Whateverstan. You use stealth a bit before you actually kill the solider and then you end up trying to get to a truck but end up captured.

Then it goes to present day where you go to this terrorist leaders hideout while also doing some room clears. The leader arms this suicide bomb after committing suicide himself and you try and disarm the bomb. After that there’s this flashback level where the sister who survived the attack on Whateverstan is now a prisoner. You try and chose these questions but I just picked the silence questions then after a waterboarding scene you end up escaping out of you cell. After that you do a prison breakout and along the way meet one of the SAS people Captain Price before he had his beard.

After that both American and SAS soldiers make their way into Russia and end up interrogating a terrorist general called “The Butcher”. They end up getting his wife and child and threaten to kill either them or him to know where the Russian general is. The scene is pretty intense when you point the gun at “The Butcher” and pull the trigger but it wasn’t loaded. I just stopped after that since it felt like if I shot him unharmed it would be a low blow.

During the final level you basically fight the Russian general and it feels like “Go America! Go!” at times. Though at the end it builds up the original Modern Warfare team and another part of the game called Special Ops. Though some people recommend that you play with friends and not just random people, just for the sake if you want players to cooperate is all.

In the end the story felt okay after everything was put into context and it’s kinda sad Russia blocked the game in a way since how they were portrayed as they bad guys. Though China can never, ever, ever, ever, ever, be the bad guy in media and entertainment because they have the most marketable people there. The game feels okay and kind of has this love hate relationship with players at times.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters Review (Spoilers?)


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I remember when this came out it was also shown on Adult Swim on April Fools Day in a tiny part of the screen. They also showed some deleted scenes from the movie in a extra long episode one time as well. The movie was also in select theaters and some of the kids in high school saw it and they said it was okay. Then again this movie was based on an 11-minute stoner cartoon so there wasn’t much material to work with. Also this movie is for Aqua Teen Hunger Force fans so you might not understand some of this. If not I also have an Aqua Teen Hunger Force review as well to help you understand.

Anyway, this movie starts with this “Let’s all go to the movies” song and then the real “let’s all go to the movies” song by this heavy metal band called Mastodon, called “Cut you up with a linoleum knife”. Then there ends up being this big battle where the Aqua teens fight this giant poodle that shoots lasers out of its eyes. Frylock ends up getting killed and then Master Shake and Meatwad meet Time Lincoln. Time Lincoln ends upbringing Frylock back to life and the Aqua teens go into this wooden rocket. All of that was just Master Shake trying to tell a story and this big opening of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force song starts.

After that, the Aqua Teens find this exercise machine the they barely use and try to find some directions online on how to use it. They end up trying to find some computer chip to put it in and their neighbor Carl tires it out. It ends up turning into this giant robot and lays these robot eggs and the Aqua Teens stop the robot by getting Master Shake to sing to it and the robot kills itself.

After that Frylock talks to Master Shake and Meatwad about how they were created by this guy called Dr. Weird and that there was another Aqua Teen, Chicken Bittle, voiced by Bruce Campbell. Dr. Weird wanted the Aqua Teens to ram themselves into this brick wall while in a plane but Frylock didn’t want to do that so he moved the plane around. Frylock mentions going to Africa with the other Aqua Teens to help out but Chicken Bittle ends up getting eaten by a lion. Then the Aqua Teens end up going to this house in New Jersey and that’s where they live now.

The end of this movie just feels random and Meatwad gets killed somehow. then this guy Walter Melon and the drummer from Rush, Neil Peart, and somehow when he starts drumming he brings Meatwad to life. After that the movie just kind of ends.

This movie felt okay but if you are a die-hard Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan, give this a watch with some friends and maybe some beers. I even tried to get the DVD on amazon but what I bought couldn’t play so it might have been a bootleg. They also have the soundtrack Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters Colon The Soundtrack. I bought that and there are also these little skits in the album as well.

Total Jazz Review


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I checked this out a while ago at the public library and started reading it on and off. I liked the art of this comic and the one-page stories this had. The best one I liked was “Diary of a Consumer” where it showed vinyl and CDs from 1993 to 2003, where there were so many of them back then, now there’s barely any today.

This made me want to read print media again since I feel like I spend too much time on tablets and e-readers. Feel like it might mess with my eyes or something like that. This review might be a bit short but it’s a bit hard for me to read print and comics at times since some comics are hard to find. I hope to find more at my library next time though.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Review (Spoilers?)


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I remember watching this show when Adult Swim first came out in 2001. Watching this as a kid I didn’t quite get the humor but now I understand the humor better and feel like this show has aged gracefully like a fine wine now. While some or most adult cartoons feel like they are just dick and fart joke after dick and fart joke. Just doesn’t FEEL like an ADULT cartoon also might just use dick and fart jokes or bad slapstick because they just want you watch them and not listen to them. Or mention things around their era that will probably be real dated in the future after the show ends.

This show is about a box of fries called Frylock, a milkshake called Master Shake, and a meatball called Meatwad. At first this show makes you think it’s a detective show but that was just a way to trick you a little into watching it. There’s also their next door neighbor Carl, who’s kind of funny and sometimes tags along in the show since he doesn’t have much to do at his home. Also there’s these Mooninites that mess with the Aqua Teens and Carl every now and then, and the Plutonians as well.

This shows opening song was made by a rapper, Schooly-D, and he later makes cameos in the later seasons in the show. The jokes feel legitimately funny and the acting is done well. They even made a movie out of this show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters, but it was okay. Though Adult Swim made a movie out of a 11 minute stoner cartoon so what were you expecting?

This show also has a heart and soul, doesn’t just have one note characters like some cartoons now. For example there was this one episode where Frylock gets skin cancer and Master Shake, Meatwad, and Carl, try to cheer him up, help him, and are scared he might die. That feels like they’re real people. I feel like if some other show that tries to be mean and not really have a reason for it would go to someone who had that would go, “HA HA, You Have Cancer!”. Just feels like those shows try too hard to be South Park even after an episode of South Park was over, I’m just noticing a pattern with the cartoon shows that were on Comedy Central after South Park.

There’s also an episode called “The Dickesode” and there was all these dicks that were censored with colored bars and after seeing the uncensored version. I am glad when that was on tv it was colored bars and not black bars. They even made a video game called Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am where it’s basically based off on some kind of older game where you golf and there’s ninjas.

Also they made a live action episode where Master Shake was played by H. Jon Benjamin, Frylock was played by rapper T-Pain, Meatwad was played by a yoga ball, and Carl was played by some guy that won a contest for who could play Carl the best. Then after the 100th episode the show reinvented itself as Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, Aqua Something You Know Whatever, Aqua TV Show Show, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever.

There was also this time Adult Swim did this gurella marketing tactic where they put all these light brights of one of the moonenites in Boston. People thought they were bombs and the bomb squads destroyed them all. The artists had to do community service and I’m glad they didn’t go to jail since they weren’t hurting anyone. Though when that happened I was in high school and me and my friends were talking about it. I told them that those people who did the art might not go to jail, I said might since I heard at my high school about a year after 9-11 someone saw anthrax in the school but it was actually baking soda for a dumb prank, the prakers went to jail for that.

I heard the Aqua Teen Hunger Force people tried to make an episode of that bomb scare but Ted Turner demand they stop and said if it’s ever leaked he’ll cancel the show. Though people leaked the unfinished episode online and I guess the show had to end in 2015. With Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever, there was this episode I liked to think WAS the final episode and felt like the show moved on. THEN, the actual last episode was on and it felt kinda mean as a way to end the series but it probably just took advantage of how timeless Aqua Teen Hunger Force is. People still today want this show brought back since it was so good and had a sense they were actually trying. They truly were an Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Big Hero 6 TV Show Review


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Thought this show would be good giving how the animation team, Man of Action, would make this show. Since they have made, Ben 10, Generator Rex, Kim Possible, and even, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Though I wonder about them now after they made Ultimate Spider-Man. Watching Ultimate Spider-Man at first felt like I was watching Family Guy since it had all these cutaway gags when it began. I felt like Peter Parker might have ended up going “You think that’s bad.” when the cutaway gags would start but I’m glad that didn’t happen.

Anyway, this show takes place after the events of the Big Hero 6 movie. Hiro rebuilds Baymax then he and the rest of Big Hero 6 fight these new enemies. There also seem to be this main enemy that seems to have determination while the side enemies but they feel kind of like push overs. By they I mean like they just commit crimes for the sake of it and never seem to try and push Big Hero 6 to it’s fullest.

This show also seems to go back and forth between serious and lighthearted but it feels inconsistent and can have a bit of tone whiplash. Though if you were a fan of the Big Hero 6 movie you can give this show a watch.

The Eric Andre Show Review


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One day I was kind of board and watched one of Eric Andre’s skits about Signfield on YouTube. It was a bit funny and reminded me of The Tom Green Show. So I decided to give the Eric Andre Show a watch on Hulu and binge the whole show. Even though today prank videos are hard to do and be kind of mean if you are not careful. Or you could get in trouble, hurt badly, or nearly killed.

It felt like when watching this I was also getting the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job vibe. Where the jokes can be mindless filler or anti-comedy at times but it doesn’t feel like they didn’t know how comedy works. I’m probably just venting since Big-O Season 3 died for Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job and there was this comment about Tim and Eric, that “Not enough pot in the world would make that show funny”.

There was this one sketch where Eric Andre did a “Reverse Streaking” at a nudist resort. Also, another sketch where his friend tried different pretzel brands and that made me think of my mom since she likes pretzels as well, or used too.

In the end, it feels like Eric Andre is trying too hard to be the next Tom Green. Also like I said about prank videos is that they can be dangerous at times. For me, I at least ask for permission if I do that kind of video in stores. I remember I went to this hardware store to try and do a little video about caulk there to do a “Caulk in the crack” joke. They said no and I’m glad I at least ASKED before doing that because you can get in a lot of trouble and maybe arrested. If you want to watch this, fine, season 5 is coming soon and we will see what Eric Andre has in store this time.