The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Review


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I had this on pre-order a long time ago from GameStop back in November 11th, 2011 for the PS3. When I finally bought it and played it back home it was an experience for me and other players at the time. You first start as some prisoner in some town and when your are about to be beheaded a dragon shows up. As it is destroying the town the tutorial goes on as well as some decisions to start with.

After that you slowly try to find a way to stop the dragons from destroying people as well as other adventures to go on. At the end of the main quest it feels like playing the game doesn’t end and there is so much other stuff to do. There’s even DLC and the PC gaming people created all these mods for the game to expand upon. People still play this game today but i feel like when you play a game for so long by yourself it gets boring. Though it also makes me feel like gamers are fickle and always want more new games and other stuff. Though if you haven’t played this game give it a chance since it is an amazing experience. They made versions of the game for the Xbox 360, PC, and the PS3, also made special editions for the PS4, the Xbox One, and the PC but I think it’s just okay.


Shazam! Review (Spoilers)


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Recently I saw the DC movie Shazam! and it was pretty good and lighthearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously, almost like Aquaman. The movie is about this kid, Billy Baston, who is given magic powers from the wizard Shazam, played by Djimon Hounsou because he is of a pure heart. The name Shazam is also an acronym for the Greek pantheon, S for the wisdom of Solomon, H the strength of Hercules, A the stamina of Atlas, Z the power of Zeus, A the courage of Achilles, and M for the speed of Mercury. The last one is a bit off since Mercury was the Roman name for Hermes.

When Billy gets this power he ends up having fun with it with his friend Freddy helping him along the way. There is also a villain, Dr. Sivana, who wanted this power that was at the Rock of Eternity when the wizard Shazam tried to recruit him and Sivana failed. Sivana wanted this eye that the 7 sins whispered to him about for ultimate power. The wizard Shazam also mentions that he tried to recruit someone a very long time ago but nearly destroyed civilization.

Along the was Billy tries to find his mom who was lost at some fair when he was little. Also when he is Shazam he abuses his powers at times but he learns responsibility later on. At the end where Billy confronts his long lost mother it’s a bit heartbreaking but kinda lets Billy move on. During the final battle between Sivana and Shazam, Billy learns he can transfer his power to his foster siblings and they end up being something of a Shazam family.

At the post-credits and maybe the end credits they try to build up some of Shazam and his enemies, like Mr. Mind and maybe even Black Adam. Mr. Mind I think is some kind of super intelligent worm or Caterpillar from outer space, which is weird since he seems a bit out of place for a Shazam villain. Black Adam is considered an evil Shazam though he gets his powers from the Egyptian pantheon instead of the Greek pantheon.

Originally Shazam was called Captain Marvel but I guess since Marvel had a Captain Marvel, DC changed his name to Shazam. Also earlier in the 1970’s they also made a show about Shazam as well and had the Egyptian Goddess ISIS in it as well. She would later make it in the comics aand team up with Black Adam since she also gets her powers from the Egyptian pantheon. Anyway, I hope we get a sequel to Shazam soon and hopefully see Mr. Mind in it as well. Give this a watch if your tired of all these dark serious comic book movies now and would like something more lighthearted.

How High Review


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Since today is 4/20 day I was thinking of reviewing How High, I recently saw this on the TBS app a few months ago to refresh my memory of this movie. Feels like Method Man and Redman just made this as an excuse to be in a movie, they later did a TV show on FOX but it was canceled for some reason, like most shows on FOX.

The story is about this dealer guy who’s friend wants him to go to college for some reason. After the dealer guys friend dies he accepts going to college as his last wish. At first I didn’t know who was Method Man or Redman in this since I wasn’t a fan of their music at the time. Also I didn’t know they were Wu-Tang Clan and Wu-Tang Clan an’t nothing to mess with. The name Wu-Tang was named after a sect of Kung-Fu and these rappers watched those kind of movies growing up.

There’s also this story of how the dealer guy meets this other guy and how they both think they smoked this magic marijuana, though it’s probably just luck. In this movie it felt like I was watching black Cheech and Chong, and if they were in college. Most of the movie feels like just them getting high all the time and winning by a miracle. Also heard this movie is getting a sequel but it probably won’t be as good as the original and might just be a in name only sequel.

I’m not against getting high I just worry a bit that people get high at the expense of others. or like it so much they try other drugs and go crazy. Anyway this movie seems to be a cult hit as far as the Rotten Tomatoes score shows for the audience. Watch it and see what you think.

Dead Space 2 Review (Spoilers)


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Did play the first Dead Space before this and watched this animated movie that kinda acts as a prequel before I played the game. The original Dead Space felt okay probably since the main guy you played, Issac, didn’t talk at all. Also the ending felt like the main enemies could of done that sooner to save all the trouble. The main enemies are called the Necromorphs which are kinda like these zombie like creatures. To kill them you need to cut off their limbs, for some reason, doesn’t seem to explain it much I think.

Before you start a new game there’s also this “Previously On” video that explains what happened in the last Dead Space and the backstory. Something about it’s the 25th century and the earth is abandoned after all the resources are used up. So they rely on cracking planets and moons that are uninhabited for all the resources. I’ll just leave it as there in case you want to play Dead Space to get the rest of the story from there even though the video kinda mentions that.

You then end up on some space station near Titan in a mental hospital where there’s another Necromorph outbreak somehow. Along the way you get your work suit that looks a bit different then the one from the last game. These people tell you to meet them somewhere to be safe while the security chief and his men from the station try to kill you.

When you get to the place to meet them it’s some church called the
Unitology church which is some kinda new faith in the far future, or maybe a cult. They end up thinking the Necromorphs are some kinda next phase for humanity when you finally get to meet them. After the Unitologists get killed you later meet this lady who tries to help you along with another escaped mental patient you meet earlier in the game. Pretty much up to that point I stopped playing and then recently watched one of those Game Movies I mention in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to catch up with the story. Link below the review if your interested as well.

The end part of the game is pretty intense and chilling as well as this eye puzzle where I think if I messed it up a few times I would just stop playing. Also when you think it’s over when the credits roll there’s this little callback to the first games ending that ends a bit better. Some people think this is kinda like the Aliens of the Dead Space trilogy and I think it kinda is. I might play Dead Space 3 someday if I can or want to. There’s also a multiplayer portion but I never played it but some people still do this day.

Anyway this game is more on the action side than horror but it’s not a bad thing to others. This game is even on the PC with Steam and EA Origin for the series if you ever want to play them yourself. Though you might not want to play them on an empty stomach if your a bit squeamish to gore.

Battlestar Galactica (Classic) Review


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“By Your Command”, But not really though I just wanted to say that. But like watching the original Battlestar Galactica since without the original, the reboot wouldn’t be around. I remember watching this on the Syfy channel as mini marathons to show people the original before the reboot aired. Originally aired in 1978 and was kind of attacked for being too much like Star Wars. Also had a big budget and had to be sent to be a bit censored as well. The big budget went to the computer since computers were big expensive things back then before today.

To the show, this show is about an alien race of people who after their world are destroyed by robots called “Cylons”, go on a journey to try to find the last planet known as earth. Leaving this convoy of ships that survived is it the battleship or Battlestar called Galactica. Along the way they meet aliens, the Cylons trying to stop them, as well as the mysterious people trying to tell them something or lead them. There’s also other people on other planets but I think at times they’re just there so the main cast can talk to some other people.

After Battlestar Galactica was cancelled NBC tried to resurrect the show with Galactica 1980 but I heard it was pretty bad and didn’t last long. It was then rebooted I think in 2003 with a miniseries and then a show in 2004 where Richard Hatch makes a cameo as well.

Anyway if you want to give this a watch go ahead, it’s a bit more lighthearted compared to the gritty reboot. Also might help you get a just and feel for the plot too.

Alita: Battle Angel Movie Review


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When hearing about this I didn’t know until later it was based on a manga and then later a two-episode anime. I didn’t read the manga or watched the anime so I saw this with a clear mind on what it is about. It’s basically another cyberpunk movie but it seemed better than the Ghost in the Shell Live Action movie. The main character Alita is some kind of android found after some war a long time ago.

She also has these eyes that are CGI from some reason and her journey through the movie seemed pretty amazing. Along the way she slowly remembers who she used to be and what she was fighting for. There’s also this romance subplot where Alita meets a boy but I feel it’s just there for the sake of it sometimes.

In the end, though it feels like they are going to try and set up a sequel soon and they might make one. After the movie was over I wanted to read the manga just to see what the full story was like and see how it ends. The movie seemed okay in America though they say China loved it so we might just get a sequel soon. Anyway, this movie was pretty entertaining and hope to see a sequel soon and see how that does as well.

The Goonies Review


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One of my co-workers at my job wanted me to review this movie. So I gave it a re-watch since it’s been a long time I’ve seen this movie. It was also directed by Richard Donner who did the Christopher Reeve movies as well. The movie is about some kids in Oregon who find a treasure map from some pirates in one of the kids home attic and they try to find it. Some of them aren’t just doing it for the sake of it but one of them is trying to find the treasure to save his home from being evicted.

Along the way to get the treasure they encounter some escaped criminals, as well as this person Sloth who I think, is the criminal’s brother. Sloth had these birth defects or maybe it’s just makeup, but he’s friendly to the kids and wants nothing to do with the criminals. Tell me in the comments to clarify if Sloth really looks like what he looks like since I’m not too sure.

As the kids get deeper they also encounter traps that the pirates made and the ending is pretty good for the time in the 1980s. This movie was also I think one of the first to have the whole kids going on a big adventure kinda stories like on Stranger Things, Harry Potter, and other movies back in the 1980s to name a few. I heard it also became a cult classic as the years went by and it reminds me of a simpler time where kids actually hanged out and weren’t online all the time.

Zombie Review (Spoilers)


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I remember seeing the DVD cover for this at a Circuit City a long time ago. Also remembered the Cinema Snob reviewing it as well as the sequels and this movie made the director, Lucio Fulci into a horror icon. There was also barf bags when this movie was in theaters in case it was too graphic, but now people throw up when there’s too much shaky cam in theaters nowadays.

Anyway, on to the movie, the movie starts off with someone shooting a dead body in the head and putting this body on a boat. After the opening credits, the boat makes it to New York City where some cops see it. Just so some people know there’s a lot of bad dubbing in this movie since it was an Italian exploitation movie. After the cops board the boat a zombie is onboard and one cop gets bit, the blood also looks kinda like red paint when it happens. After the zombie falls overboard they bring the boat to shore where this girl confirmed it’s her father’s boat. Then this reporter gets info from a guy played by Lucio Fulci himself as a cameo to check out the investigation.

Both the girl and the reporter go to the dock at night and we get to see a “Fakeout Makeout” from them and then they find some info from the girl. Something about the boat came from an island somewhere so they try to go to that island. Along the way we meet Dr. Mennard, trying to find a cure for what’s happening to the island people. His wife wants to leave but he wants to stay and do everything he can to make sure what’s happening to the island people doesn’t spread to the mainland.

The girl and the reporter get a boat ride halfway there to the island from these people. One of the boat people go do some diving and see one of the zombies trying to attack a shark and the shark is a real one as well. I hear sometimes there’s legit animal killing in some of these Italian exploitation movies but it seemed like only this shark gets hurt in the movie.

After that, the movie goes to Dr. Menard’s wife and the zombies end up attacking her at her house. There’s this scene where she gets a massive splinter in her eye and it’s pretty gruesome so I just skipped it. When the boat with the girl and the reporter make it to the island they try and find Dr. Menard and he tells them to find his wife. When they do it is pretty gruesome as well and then we see the zombies rising from their graves. One of the island people mentions there are zombies as a part of some voodoo curse and it’s almost like the hell filling up speech from Dawn of the Dead.

As the crew gets back to Dr. Menard’s research tent the Dead people there end uprising and it’s also a bit weird since the people alive don’t try to run away. During the struggle, Dr. Menard ends up getting bitten as well as the boat crew while the girl and reporter try to burn down the tent. When they escape though they find out that New York City has been overrun with the zombies and then it ends.

This movie seemed a bit okay and I looked up his IMDB to check out some of his other movies but might not watch them, at least on a full stomach. Though if you like these movies try and give them a watch since they seem to be more about atmosphere, tone, and a foreboding mood.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review 


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Hearing about this I thought it would be kind of boring and would be just Call of Duty in space. Also found out the trailer for this game on YouTube and the most downvotes ever on YouTube. Though I played this free trial on either Xbox One or PS4 to see what the single player campaign was like. Also, I play the campaign as a way to also get a feel of the controls for when I go on the multiplayer.

The game Starts in the far future where mars declare independence to the earth forces. The first few missions help you get a feel of what the story will be like and there’s also the spaceship sections that feel like Battlestar Galactica. The main cast is pretty good, there’s Reyes, kinda looking like Tom Cruise, a lady soldier Saulter or Salt as she is called, and a combat drone Ethan, that has a lot of personality in this game.

After you get your main ship you go across the solar system to stop the Mars forces. There’s this one mission where you have to be stealthy which is unheard of at times in Call of Duty. There’s also these fighter ship levels but they are a bit far and in between. As the campaign goes on all the way to the end it’s surprising what happens during the struggle and it feels like at the end you barely won.

The multiplayer though just feels like the same from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, where you jet pack everywhere, there’s loot boxes, as well as micro transactions. People also said the multiplayer is really glitchy as well and I tried to play multiplayer but everyone was level 100 or something like that. So that also feels like a pay to win at times.

Anyway, the single player campaign is pretty good if you want to play that though I didn’t quite play this from start to finish. I just watched it as one of those game movies, where this one person has online stitches the cutscenes together as one big movie. That seemed pretty good if you just wanted to see the games for their stores or something like that. Here’s the link to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare game movie I watched if you want to see it yourself.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Review


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This movie is based on the kids’ books of the same name, though I only read the first 4 of the books. Though I hope to check the rest out a bit later if I can. Then I started watching this when I found out Weird Al Yankovich did one of the songs. Watched this on Netflix and it seemed to be what it made out to be. A harmless kids movie that is self-aware and has a lot of juvenile potty humor in it. It’s nothing like having actual poop and actual pee since that would end up being dirty. There are also some different animation styles in this, like one scene where these sock puppets. As well as the flip-o-rama the books had where you just flip the pages back and forth for the action.

The movie also takes some of the books plots in it as well. This movie made me want to read the rest of the Captain Underpants books to see how far the books have been going. They also made a Captain Underpants tv show on Netflix and it gets the tone from the movie and books pretty well. Give this a watch since it’s like your inner child coming out at times with this movie.